Getting started/the Basics

Q: How do I get an account?

A: Request a demo from us and receive a free trial here. If you are satisfied with the product you may at any time start a subscription.

Q: I can't remember my password...

A: You can reset your password by visiting the Barium Live login page and clicking on the link Forgot your password? Fill out the e-mail address associated to your account, and you will recieve an e-mail with further instructions. If you cannot remember the correct e-mail address, please contact Barium Live Support.

Q: I’ve used the Forgot your password? link but I haven’t received an e-mail...

A: It can take a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive. If you still don't get a message, please contact Barium Live Support.

Q: I can’t log in to Barium Live...

A: Your account may be disabled. This can happen for a number of reasons:

To many login attempts, after four failed login attempts your account will be disabled. Please contact Barium Live Support to have your account re-enabled. 

You have been disable by the contract owner or contract administrator. Please contact the contract owner or contract administrator for more information

Q: How can I change my home page?

A: Please see our article My Default Space in the Start page article.

Q: How does administration of spaces, users and groups work?

A: Please see our articles Spaces and My account.

Q: Does Barium Live support different languages?

A: Currently Barium Live supports Swedish and English.

Q: Is Barium Live available on Mac or on browsers other than Internet Explorer?

A: Yes it is. We aim to support all modern browsers. 

Model processes

Q: How do I create processes in Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0?

A: As a modeler you can choose to "Create BPMN 2.0 process" under processes in the drop down menu.  

Q: I can't model processes.

A:  To be able to model processes you need have the model rights activated. This can be done from "space settings" Contact your space administrator or contract owner to enable modeling rights.

Q: How can I share my process with other users?

A: If you want to share your process with other user or groups that have access to your space, please read our article Process permission for more information.

If you need to share your process with an external user, you can activate a web link that external user can go to.  Read more about "External web link for process model". 

Q: How should I use the different types of tasks?

A: Please see the section Activities in the article Common BPMN symbols.

Q: How do the various arrows affect the editability and visibility of forms?

A: Please see the section Associations in the article Common BPMN symbols.

Q: Can I configure my process to send email messages automatically from the application?

A: Yes, there are two types of emails that can be sent:

1. Notification messages inform users they have a task to perform.

2. You can use a message event to send different kind of messages to user or even other systems.

Q: How do I configure a gateway?

A: Please see our article Business Component: Expressions on gateways  or see different types of gateways in the gateway section of the article Common BPMN symbols.

Build process apps

Q: How do I share my application with other users?

A: You set set the permission to the application from the process page.  Please see the article Process permissions.

Q: How can I create drop-down lists in my forms?

A: To create a drop down list you need to to create a value list in the space settings.   

After the value list is created you can find the dropdown list in the form editor under Metadata fields (Single select, Multi select or extended value list).  

Run processes

Q: I don’t receive e-mail notifications...

A: Please check your e-mail spam filter. All e-mail are sent from You might need to add it to your list of secure addresses.

Q: Can Barium Live be integrated with our legacy systems?

A: Yes, using the Barium Live REST API it’s possible to send information in both directions between Barium Live and an existing system.

Monitor performance

Q: How can I monitor process performance?

A: There is a Process Performance Dashboard, and the lists are of very good help. Read more about the custom made list here.


Q: How do I get an API key?

A: If you are in a pricing plan that enables you to integrate you will find the API key in the Space Settings under the section Integration. If you have any questions please contact the Barium Live Support or Barium Sales team.


Q: What is a contract? 

A: The Contract steer what functionality you are allowed to use and how many users you can invite to your organization's spaces on Barium Live.

Q: Who can see and manage Contracts on Barium Live?

A: Only the Contract Owner and Contract administrators have access to Contract Management page

Q: Where do I find the Contract Management page? 

A: If you are a Contract Owner or contract administrator you will find a button called Manage Contract when hovering your user name in top right corner on Barium Live. 

Q: Where can I see the users in my Contract? 

A: You can see edit all user accounts that are connected to your Contract under Users on the Contract Management page. 

Q: What user accounts are consuming Licenses from my Contract? 

A: All user accounts that are Enabled are consuming Licenses. 

Q: How do I add users to My Contract?

A: There are two ways to add users to a Contract. Either as the Contract Owner from the Contract Management page, or as a Space Administrator from the Space settings page. 

Q: How do I add Spaces to my Contract? 

A: There are two ways to add Spaces to a Contract. Either from the Contract Management page, or from the Start page. Default, only the Contract Owner has permission to create Spaces, but this permission can be delegated. 

Q: How do I disable/enable 

A: You can disable/enable users connected to your Contract under Users on the Contract Management page.