If you have any questions, want to report a problem or just want to give us feedback, you are always welcome to contact the Barium Live Support team through our Help Center. We will be at your service! All questions will be registered in our ticket management system to guarantee correct and quick response. Our Help Center is also integrated with Barium Live giving you the ability to search for information and register tickets with a simple click.

The center also holds a Knowledge base. The articles are provided to help users, developers, integrators and system administrators to receive support around their use of Barium Live and also for stakeholders not yet familiar with our cloud service.

How to use the Help Center?

As a client you will reach the Help Center from within Barium Live. In the Help Center you can search the Barium Live Knowledge Base, register and keep track of all your support tickets. Your ongoing tickets are available at all time and you can reply and post comments on any ticket. You can also reply to notification emails and your email response will update the ticket itself. This way, we avoid parallell email conversations and all communication is linked to the ticket.


Barium Live Help Center is available to anybody, but to be able to register tickets and follow tickets you need to be a contract owner or a space administrator. The Help Center is available from the Start page or by expanding the panel by clicking the question mark in every view of Barium Live. If you follow an email notification link you need to log on (if not already logged on) using your Barium Live credentials.

If you are a group of people administrating your Barium Live solutions and you want to be able to view each others tickets, this can be solved. Contact us and we will group your accounts and enable the possibility to view all tickets created by the group (for example your company).

Ticket status (the life and death of a ticket)

A ticket can be started either by sending in our ticket form in the Help Center or by sending us an email. The ticket can adopt different statuses:

  • Ticket recieved (when recieved by Barium Support)
  • Pending (while the ticket is handled)
  • Resolved (when the ticket is resolved. The ticket will automatically close in 48 h)
  • Closed (when the ticket is resolved and closed)
  • Waiting on Customer (if Barium Support needs more info from the requestor)
  • Pending Bug (if an incident is identified as a bug the ticket will remain with this status until Barium Live is updated)
  • Chore (a ticket with this status is under investigation from our R&D department)

Email notifications

Email notifications is automatically sent when you create a new ticket and when the ticket status is set to “This ticket has been Resolved” or “This ticket has been Closed”. Notifications are also sent out each time a Barium Support agent replys or adds a note to the ongoing ticket.

If you respond to a ticket that is set to closed. The status will immediately be set to pending again.  

Ask us anything

As a client using Barium Live you can start any ticket just by entering a title and a description. When recieved we classify each ticket into one of four different types:

  • Question - any “how to”-question
  • Incident - any abnormal event. Could be a system bug or a problem caused by external factors for example
  • Feature request - request for a new feature or other improvement
  • Service request - request for Barium personell to perform an action. Could be associated with a cost

Your tickets registered will be handled by our support team, in cases where an other profile is needed to handle the ticket, the case will be escalated to the corresponding department. For example a Service request that implies consultancy will be escalated to our service delivery team. Problems that require system updates will be escalated to our R&D department for resolution according to defined severity level. Feature requests are passed on to the Product Management Team and will be taken into consideration in future releases.

Note: Do not send sensitive information such as passwords and personal data by E-mail.

Read about the Barium Live standard support Severity levels and Response times in this article.