Barium provides standard and extended support. Standard support is included in the subscription license for Barium Live. Extended Support is offered as an addendum and can be tailored to customer needs.

Standard support

The content of Standard Support is governed by the subscription license agreement and comprises second line support available for application administrators in the client organisation. Standard Support includes the following

  • Access to Barium Live Support
  • Access to Barium Live Knowledge Base

Barium Live support is reached through Barium Live Help Center and gives customers the possibility to report incidents, ask questions, submit feature requests and order professional services. There are three ways to interact with Barium Live Support.

  • Register and follow support tickets 24/7 via Barium Live Help Center
  • Mail to
  • Contact support personnel via telephone during Swedish office hours 0800-1700 weekdays

Severity levels

If a client experiences a problem on Barium Live it must be reported to Barium Live support in order to get assistance in resolving the problem. Barium and the client shall agree upon a severity level based on the following severity level categories.

UrgentCritical problems that prevent production on the service or that impact the service in such a way that it generates obviously incorrect result and where there is no work around possible.
HighSevere problems where there is a work around and by that not preventing production on the service.
MediumProblems of a less serious nature affecting parts of the service and are not significantly impede effective use.
LowProblems with little or no impact on the service and that can be considered to be of a cosmetic nature.

Service levels (SLA)

Barium shall initiate mitigating actions after a problem report is received and the severity level has been decided according to the following categories

UrgentImmediately upon receipt of the problem report and a solution to the problem shall be provided as soon as possible.
HighAt the latest two working days after the problem report has been received.
MediumWithin a reasonable time after the problem report has been received, depending on the problem nature.
LowAt a appropriate time in the regular product planning.

Extended support

In cases where there are needs beyond what is included in Standard support, clients have the possibility to purchase extended support. The content of an Extended Support Agreement is customizable and agreed upon on a case-to-case basis between Barium and the client.


Our goal is to offer a 24/7 availability to our customers. Historical availability of Barium Live has more than 99.9 percent over time.