Barium Live has been upgraded once again. We have added new and improved features for Group Administration and added a new variable that is useful for customers who automatically replicate users into Barium Live.

New Features

Group Administrators

Group Adminstrator is a new role that can be assigned to individual users in a Space on Barium Live. The purpose of this role is to add or remove users in groups that the person has been assigned to administer.

In many applications there are groups that are used to assign users to a role in the process. Certain applications require that those users are regularly updated. Up until now, only a space administrator could do this, but now it is possible to assign an administrator to a part of the space group structure and to allow that person to edit members in that specific group and all sub groups.

Read more about Group Administrators here.


More variables

Creating applications many times means using variables set information in forms, automating decisions and making it easy for end users to understand how to perform their tasks

We have added a couple of new new variables this time:

  1. Origin Key is the unique identifier for a user that is automatically replicated into Barium Live from an Active Directory catalog or likewise. Using this variable makes it possible to present the unique identifier for a user that started an instance.
  2. Next Performer returns the users for a specified role that will be assigned to a role in a process in upcoming tasks.
  3. Has Tasks returns the users that have an active task that are assigned to them for a specified role in a process.

All of these variables make it possible to present information in e-mails, the External Instance Overview Page or in form fields for process applications.

Read more about variables here.

Improved texts for the External Instance Overview

We have updated the name and texts for the External Status Overview and now it's called the External Instance Overview. Our users were confused about the word status and commonly called it instance overview instead so we have updated the text so support that.

Read more about the External Instance Overview here.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes was not possible to add several users, one at a time to a group in space settings.
  • Fixed an issue with comments where some members in an application would sometimes not be able to tag others using the @-sign.
  • Fixed an issue where the Process Applications list view could sometimes timeout because it took too long to load.