Barium Live has received its second upgrade for the year that brings improved features to end users who use applications that contain Extended Value Lists. We've also squashed bugs and fixed issues.


Enhanced performance and search for Extended Value lists

Extended Value Lists can contain data to use in applications. It can contain small amounts of data or large amounts of Master Data. We have enhanced the performance when searching for data in large Extended Value List repositories so that searching is really fast for end users.

Search capabilities have also been improved. You can now search using separate words and the items in the drop down that best matches the search will be listed in the top of the search result list. This is very useful in those cases there are items with similar names such as variations of product articles (or tram and bus stops as seen below).

An additional feature to the enhanced search is the ability to search on a prefix, which means that the search will obtain possible matches without a fully composed word. If you were to search for the Bus Stop "Vagnhallen" the search score for the prefix vagn would be sufficient in order to display a possible correct option.

A whole lot of improved search!

Read more about configuring and using Extended Value lists.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed and issue in the task overview editor where the window would sometimes be too small to edit its content in.
  • Fixed an issue where a specific form rule changed the way a form looked when exported to a PDF.
  • Fixed the arrow for the Out-of-office list categories that indicates that the list category can be collapsed.
  • Fixed an issue where a selected Out-of-office list would lose its focus if the list view is refreshed.
  • Fixed an issue where setting a list as "my default list" wasn't saved properly in certain cases.