The 11th upgrade this year has come to Barium Live. This upgrade is larger in content than the previous one and has several improvements to functions in Barium Live. Several items are have come directly from customer ideas in the Barium Live Ideas Portal.

New features

Set instance description

Set instance description is a new Script Component that can be used in applications to set or change the description of an instance as an automated step in the process. This is the 10th script component that we have created in Barium Live adding the automation capabilities in process applications even more. Instance description and instance name are fields that are used to describe cases or instances. A common scenario is that these need to be updated as an instance is moved forward or backward in a process. Being able to automatically set this information makes process applications much more useful and effective.

You can read more about the script component Set instance description in our Help Center


Process models sorted in alphabetical order in Asset Browser

Reusable process models are available to modelers inside the BPMN 2.0 process modeler Asset Browser. These can be dragged-and-dropped into the process model to be re-used as Call Activities or linked processes. The list of process models in the Asset Browser now shows process models in alphabetical order instead of the order they were created. This makes it a lot easier to look through long lists of process models if there are many.

Read more about creating and using Reusable process models in the Barium Live Help Center

Replace disabled users in process applications

When someone is no longer supposed to work in process application it is possible to replace that person with another by using the Replace user in process application feature. This feature has been improved to allow you to pick disabled users to replace. This is useful in those cases you want to replace someone who no longer works in the company or process and who has been disabled.

You can read more about the feature Replace user in Process application in our Help Center.

Improved Process Performance Dashboard

The process performance dashboard shows a dashboard of KPIs that present the performance of an application. The dashboard has been improved in the way that it no longer requires flash to load. We are also working on a redesign but that will come in a later upgrade.

You can read more about the Process performance dashboard in our Help Center

Fixed issues

  • Fixed some issues for Form Rules that caused some fields to show incorrectly for certain rules
  • Fixed an issue in the Form Rules editor that the rules validator didn't show
  • Fixed an issue where Role Mappers would be shown duplicated if a process was configured in a very specific way
  • Fixed an issue where an error would be created each time an instance would get redacted
  • Fixed an issue where the Barium Integration Agent could not handle special characters in login credentials correctly