2017.9 is the 9th release to Barium Live this year and the last upgrade before summer.

It brings additional enhancements to designing Form Rules as well as brand new configuration capabilities. The "Token Trail" that shows the paths that a process instance has taken is a lot clearer and we have added the usual bug fixes and general improvements to Barium Live.

Enhanced UX configuration in form rules

In our previous release we enhanced the Form Rules editor to make it more useful. Feedback we got from users said that we also needed to improve the way it's possible to create rules with multiple conditions and actions. Therefore, we have now improved this and made it possible to add multiple conditions or actions independent of each other.

Read all about the form rules editor.

Viewmode configuration settings in form rules

Viewmodes make it possible to configure the way your form looks by configuring fields to hide, lock and show depending on the viewmode that it is in.

Now, you can create form rules that use Viewmodes as a condition. Viewmode is a new condition that can be used to show, hide, lock or make fields mandatory to fill in. A good example for when to use this is when you want to change the behavior of a field when the form is in a specific Viewmode, otherwise it should show its default settings.

Read all about creating rules in the form rules editor including how to use the new VIEWMODE condition.

Improved process trail in task view

The process model in the Task View shows the path that a process has taken to get to the current task. The process activities that have been passed are shown in bright, regular colors but the activities that have not been passed are shown with grayed-out colors indicating that they have not been completed or used in the process instance.

We have improved the Token Trail by including more symbols that are shown to give a better overview to people viewing the process.

You can read more about working in a Task here.

Fixed issues

  • We have improved the time BPMN 2.0 process models take to load
  • Fixed an issue where invites to spaces would still exist even though the invited user was disabled
  • Fixed an issue with caching of start events for some users using the mobile interface
  • Fixed an issue for the BPMN 2.0 block symbol where it would sometimes get locked and couldn't be moved