2017.8 is the 8th release to Barium Live this year. It brings improvements to configuring form rules as well as improvements to navigating between space.

We are also introducing a brand new and simple way to create integrations to start new instances from custom forms.

Easily integrate Custom Forms and apps

The ability to create a completely custom form and to start a new process instance with the information filled into the custom form is now available.

This is a great feature for customers that have a need to have full control over the interface, look and feel that end users see. By creating a form in your Barium Live app you can simply send the data from the custom form to your apps start event and all the information will automatically be inserted into your app and can be managed by you app members.

We call this a "low-code integration". Creating the integration between a custom form and a Barium Live app requires no code, just the correct URL (that Barium Live provides) and that you configure your forms so that they can send and receive information between them.

Read more about how to post data from a custom form to an external start event

Improved and redesigned Form Rules Editor

The Form Rules editor makes it possible to configure criteria and actions in forms and form fields. With this feature you can create dynamic forms that adapts depending on choices made in drop down fields, content in fields and more.

This feature has existed for some time but has now been redesigned and improved to make it easier to configure and use. Gone is the feature that imposes the opposite action of a criteria. We have also made it possible to sort rules and more.

Read more about the changes that automatically upgrade form rules and conditions

Learn all about the rules editor

Improved Space Navigation menu

The Space navigation menu found in the top right in Barium Live has been improved slightly and is now searchable for those users who are members in many Spaces.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue for BPMN 2.0 process models where sometimes the name of the people that published and deployed it would get mixed up.
  • Fixed an issue where value lists in drop down field would not be listed in alphabetical order.
  • Fixed an issue in the Form Designer where it was not possible to click on a multi-select drop down field to select it. Now you can
  • Fixed an issue in comments for tasks where the date the comment was created would show incorrectly when hovering over "just about a minute ago".
  • Fixed an issue when exporting users to Excel where changes to names of groups would not show the new name.