2017.7 adds new and improved features to Barium Live in regards to creating and configuring apps as well as fixes.

New Features

Data Collection

Data Collection is a new type of data object that can be used in BPMN 2.0 apps to manage multiplicity in forms. This function can be used specifically if you need to be able to handle the fact that the same form template is created several times, sometimes by different people. A Data Collection can be seen as a container or virtual folder where one or more forms exist and can be manipulated.

For example:

If you need to do regular inspections you can create an app that automatically starts a new task to perform inspections on a regular basis. Using the Collection the inspector can register each finding or deviation and document and categorize it. Each finding can then be passed on to subsequent tasks where they are corrected or mitigated and followed up. Simple and effective.

Read all about Data Collections here.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where it was not always possible to start new instances if Barium Live was embedded in an Iframe.
  • Fixed an issue where a Role Mapper would switch which drop-down it would react to in an app if the same value list was used in two different drop-downs.
  • Fixed an issue in the API where new events would not trigger if there was no default space set to the user.