2017.5 contains improved logging for process applications as well as a new faster form field standard for drop down lists.


Better logging for process applications

Improvements have been made resulting in more actions performed in Barium Live being logged. This can help application administrators track and find more details in the application event log.
Read more on using the application Event Log.

Faster loading Drop Down form fields

Previously, the standard type drop down field in the forms editor was the combotypefield. From now on, any new drop downs will be of type combotypefield2 which loads much faster than the old type.

Read more on the new drop down form field standard.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where selecting a value in a HTML form value list would cause the page to jump
  • Fixed an issue where sorting extended value lists did not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where adding new lanes to a pool would cause existing black box to over lap
  • Fixed an issue where copied symbols would bunch together if pasted in sub process