Download BPMN2 process file (.bmap) - New name and encryption

Security improvements have been made to downloaded BPMN2 process files. A new name has been given, replacing the older .barium file format with .bmap which better reflects the downloaded Barium process map. 

We've also added encryption to the .bmap file in order to prevent data uploaded into Barium Live being altered and corrupted in any way.

NOTE: This means that any old .barium file will no longer be allowed to upload into Barium Live.  

Read more on how to download and upload process models

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where variables would not work in the name of the Generate Document from Template feature
  • Fixed an issue where daily reminders would sometimes occur more than once a day
  • Fixed an issue where process PDF files would show the wrong process version
  • Fixed an issue where data object collections did not create its data object in sub process
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted users processes was not accessible