New Features
Multi Instance Send Task

It is now possible to configure a task to send multiple process messages based on the number of values selected in a multi select field. This is extremely useful for when you have a process application that you want to reuse and start multiple times within another workflow. Each such started application can be named using data from the multi select field.

For example, a global campaign has been created and is ready to ship out to a number of countries selected from a multi select value list. Three countries might be selected out of a list of 20. The multi instance send task will interpret this and send three process messages to a connected application which will start three instances named according to the three countries selected.


Select Start Event in Call Activity

Improvements have been made so that users can now chose which start event in a call activity they wish to trigger. This option can be made on each inbound sequence flow by double clicking it and selecting any of the available start events present in the call activity. This improvement provides a greater re-usability as it is now possible to trigger the same process by call activity as well as manually simply by adding alternative start events.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the < character would cut form field strings

  • Fixed an issue where reusable roles would not sort in alphabetical order

  • Fixed an issue where adding existing users to groups would add the group twice

  • Fixed an issue where scrolling in text fields did not work properly in the mobile interface

  • Fixed an issue where the copy process function would not copy process configuration such as instance name