New Features
Send Process Message with Assigned Performers

It is now possible to send an assigned performer via process message from one process application to another.This can be extremely useful if two connected process workflows contain the same role where a number of performers are possible but you want the assigned performer from the first process to transfer on to the second. 


Creating and managing a process based management system in Barium Live

Improvements have been made to how Barium Live handles call activities in process models. The improvements give greater freedom to users wanting to alter already existing dependencies between processes in several levels. Improvements have also been made to provide users with more information for example if a user wants to delete some process in the management system, it will know exactly what other processes would be affected.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where the form rule “not equals empty” would not work properly
  • Fixed an issue where old rolemappers could not be deleted
  • Fixed an issue where deadlines in weeks and months would not display in the task overview
  • Fixed an issue where wordings on deadlines would differ between the BPMN 1 and 2 modeller
  • Fixed an issue where invited users would not show up properly in the interface when assigned as performers