New Features

Send Email with file attachments

 It is now possible to add files to emails sent from process applications in three different ways:
- You can send files taken from attachment form fields.
- You can send an entire data object form as a PDF file.
- You can send generated document as either PDF or docx files. 


Send Email with from name
When using a message event to set up email sending, users can now add a "from name" to their messages. This coupled with the previously released reply to address allows users to customise the recipients experience.


New initiator variables

It is now possible to reference a new series of variables for the initiator of an instance. 

Read more on how to reference variables.


Comments to role

Tagging a role in a comment will now clearly display the role name.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where a document template could not be created before the generating task
  • Fixed an issue where double clicking sometimes created two forms on external start
  • Fixed an issue where assigning the same role twice would cause the instance to crash
  • Fixed an issue where long load time would display unclear contract admin settings
  • Fixed an issue where @ comment would not work if first name only contained 2 letters
  • Fixed an issue where a deleted user's email would show up as an ID number
  • Fixed an issue where workflow errors were not logged properly
  • Fixed an issue where list format would line break other columns
  • Fixed an issue where scrolling to the bottom of a list would make it jump back to the top
  • Fixed an issue where a script component would not generate proper warning errors
  • Fixed an issue where external start/intermediate message configurations could be lost
  • Fixed an issue where the rolemapper would not update when an application was changed
  • Fixed an issue where deleting a form would generate an incomprehensible error message
  • Fixed an issue where an email configuration would not take role mapping into consideration