New Features

Additional options: Send Email

When using a message event to set up email sending, the new categorised recipient configuration allows users to easily chose whom to send emails to from a number of preset options. It is also possible to add a reply to address that will be defaulted if a recipient replies to the email sent from the Barium Live message event. 


Non interrupting manual boundary event

The new non interrupting manual boundary event allows users working inside the task view to trigger multiple new sequence flows without interrupting and thereby cancelling the active work task. Each manual non interrupting boundary event attached to a task will show up as "buttons" in the panel on the right in the task view. Clicking them will initiate the outbound sequence flow.


Error boundary event

The error boundary event can be added to script/service tasks and have outbound sequence flows modelled from them. These sequence flows will be triggered if a script/service fails instead of stopping the process. This allows users to model an alternative path where they can investigate the cause of the failed task and still have an easy way of rerunning the task, for example after having reviewed the forms involved in the logic behind the script/service task.



Easier instance.role variable referencing

Previously, some instance.role variables needed the role ID in order to function. This has been simplified and so, users can now use the name of the role instead when referencing all of the instance.roles variables.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where sub process references would sometimes not call on the latest application version.
  • Fixed an issue where external viewers would count towards viewer.
  • Fixed an issue where users and viewers were counted inconsequentially in contract administration.
  • Fixed an issue where the viewmodes attribute could not contain over 250 characters.
  • Fixed an issue where last login date would not show correctly in exported Excel list if users had SSO.
  • Fixed an issue where comments would generate an extra space in header.
  • Fixed an issue where Copy All Fields script component would copy to a randomly associated data object.
  • Fixed an issue where dropping tasks on dotted lines would cause the modeller to freeze.
  • Fixed an issue where calling instancename through the API was case sensitive.
  • Fixed an issue where form rules did not evaluate on page load.
  • Fixed an issue in the list view where quick filters would not reset correctly.