New Features

Data object display name

This feature allows you to adopt any display name you wish for your data objects in the 2.0 modeller, including names with spaces, symbols and special characters like åäö. The modeller will automatically help you create a Data ID which the system can recognise when it comes to referencing the form, for example the display name "Formulär 1" will automatically generate the data ID "formular1" for that form and any of its data objects. The display name will be retained and displayed throughout the interface. Read more on how to configure data object display names when adding form templates.

New Script Component 

Script Components are predefined scripts written for Script Tasks. All Script Components are found in the component tab in the left panel of the modeller.

New Setting for the Form Rules Editor

The form rules editor enables easy configuration of conditions and consequences and a new setting has been added to it.


  • More informative exported Excel user lists
  • Easier out of office set up

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue in the 2.0 modeller concerning long resource lists which were missing a scrollbar
  • Fixed an issue in the mobile interface where displayed time-zones would vary between created date and deadline