New features

Create word document containing instance data

With this feature, you can create Word and PDF Documents containing instance data from forms and with instance variables simply by uploading a document template and associating it to any user or script task in your process.
Read more on how to Create word document containing instance data.

Configurable Complete task button

You can now configure the name of your Complete task button as well as disabling the Complete task confirmation dialogue. You find these settings under Configure Process Application.

Read more on configuring the task view.


  • General web and mobile interface improvements
  • Improved interface for cancelled tasks - The interface for cancelled tasks now allows you to see the task view just as you would if the task was not cancelled

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue concerning call activities referring to each other
  • Fixed an issue where attachments didn't function properly as variables
  • Fixed an issue accessing older comments in task view
  • Fixed an issue regarding special signs and variable encoding 
  • Fixed an issue regarding multi instance deadlines collected from form fields
  • Fixed an issue regarding the use of signal events in sub processes
  • Fixed an issue regarding password storage when using web links 
  • Fixed an issue regarding access to Barium Live using an older web link
  • Fixed an issue where instance number was not visible in the mobile interface
  • Fixed an issue where resetting password did not work in the mobile interface