New features

New Script Component 

Script Components are predefined scripts written for Script Tasks. All Script Components are found in the component tab in the left panel of the modeller.

Use Subprocess End State in Gateway Configuration 

Every completed instance or sub instance now receives an end state matching the name of the end event that caused the instance to complete. These end states are then selectable as options for configuring which way an inclusive or exclusive gateway will take after a sub process or call activity has been completed. Learn more about Expressions on Gateways



  • Searching in the list view now also generates hits from the Performer column
  • New scripts can be added via the script task configuration window
  • General improvements making script task configuration more user friendly

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue regarding Word-report generation and key values
  • Fixed an issue with uploading 2.0 process models containing configured signal events
  • Fixed an issue where column formatting in lists was not saved
  • Fixed an issue where tabbing to a radio button did not highlight the button
  • Fixed an issue where value list texts overlapped in IE 10