1. Added form field finder to configuration settings
    Available form fields are now automatically displayed as a drop down list in all locations in the modeler where form fields can be specified instead of having to manually write the variable code to reference a specific form field. Find the feature in process and email message configuration as well as in timer and deadline configuration.

  2. General improvements to modeler
    The modeller has been improved with some neat new features including live text label updates while typing in a symbol, one-click access to attachments, easier customization of block symbols by an added colour picker, the retaining of opened panels when handling objects of the same type as well as a name change from “Documents” to “Resources” in the asset browser to better include all types of files and links.

    Live text label update

    Block symbol Colour picker


    Name change "Documents" to "Resources"

  3. Script task improvements
    Two improvements to the script task component makes both modelling and running a process smoother. It’s now possible to create a Data Form directly from the script task, for example useful when creating a new form and filling it with information from the script task. Furthermore, it will now be possible to go directly from starting an instance or completing a task straight through a script task to the next task by setting the user experience “go to next task” for BOTH sequence flows connected to the script task. This will take you from task view to task view without being redirected to the list view.

    Set BOTH sequence flow arrows to "go to next task"

    Read more about the script task and user experiences in the articles Set field value and User experience when completing tasks.

  4. Move to folder improvements
    Another new feature allows users to specify a folder location for forms directly upon creation. This folder structure will then be visible in the task and instance view content folder.

    Set Form 2 to be added to "New Folder"

    Form 2 seen in "New Folder" in the task view content folder

    Read more about how to set up move to folder in the article Add forms to your process.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue with performance when loading large amount of text in annotations.
  • Fixed an issue regarding text box size at sequence flows.
  • Fixed an interface issues for selection in drop down lists.
  • Fixed an issue affecting text formatting in e-mail messages when using variables.
  • Fixed an issue with deleting form templates.
  • Fixed an interface issue in the role mapping configuration.
  • Fixed an issue with searching for objects less than 3 letters long.
  • Fixed an issue with weeks in timer events.
  • Fixed an issue with gateway expressions.
  • Fixed an issue with long form field names.
  • Fixed an issue with view modes in the mobile interface.
  • Fixed an issue where inactive user accounts where listed as performers.
  • Fixed an issue where deleted processes could be chosen as subprocesses in BPMN 1 modeler.
  • Fixed an issue preventing users to complete a task while another user simultaneously viewing it.
  • Fixed a validation issue regarding multiple forms with same dataID.