New features

  1. Start instances from lists
    It is now possible to start new instances from the List View. Making it even more efficient for users mostly working with lists and starting new instances.

    Read more in the article Start new instance from list view

  2. Applications supporting Inclusive Gateways
    Inclusive Gateways now also work in process applications. All merging inclusive gateways automatically keeps track of all active paths that are able to end up on the gateway and waits for them to either show up, gets consumed or goes another way before the gateway gets evaluated. 

    Read more about the symbols in the article Common BPMN 2.0 symbols.

  3. Comments support in the Barium Live REST API
    Now the Barium Live REST API also supports comments. Via the API all types of comments, on instances and on specific files and objects, can now be received, created and deleted.

    Read more in the API article Comments.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a language issue on the external overview page.
  • Fixed an issue in validations for super combo box in forms.
  • Fixed a user interface issue in space settings.
  • Fixed a user interface issue for the asset browser in the modeler.
  • Fixed a design issue for presenting licenses in the contract administration.
  • Fixed an issue where reusable processes could not be opened.
  • Fixed an issue where instances without instance name could not be initiated.
  • Fixed an issue where large upload files prevented instance start.