New features

  1. Role Mapper
    A Rolemapper is configurable setting that can be created and set on roles in process applications allowing Barium Live to automatically assign a person or group to a role based on information in a form. For BPMN 2.0 processes you can now see all rolemappers and drag-and-drop them onto roles directly when deploying a process to an application.

    Read more in the article Role Mapper.

  2. Resize symbols
    A great enhancement to creating process models is the ability to resize several tasks to the same size. You can select several tasks and choose to resize them to fit the largest of all of the selected tasks or the smallest. Each task will be given the same size to make your process model look great. This also works for Block Symbols.


    Read more in the article Create your first process.

  3. Sub instance settings
    There are new Sub Instance settings available on Sub process activities as well as Call Activities. Sub instance name lets you decide the naming convention for each sub instance that is created in a BPMN 2.0 process application. Create sub folder is a setting that creates a separate folder for the sub instance and all of its forms and files. These settings give you more control over how and where you want sub instance information to be set and seen.


    Read more in the article Sub instance settings.


  1. Run process engine in the background
    In order to improve scalability on Barium Live we have performed a project called run process engine in the background, an initiative that has scale-out capabilities and that should increase end users experience in performance when starting new instances and completing tasks.

    What this means is that before the upgrade to 2015.7, a user who starts a new instance would have to wait for the process engine to save all information, start the new instance and for the instance to arrive in the first task(s) in the instance. In worst case scenarios a complex process could mean that an end user has to wait up to a minute or more and completely unnecessarily.

    In this upgrade a user will start a new instance and not have to wait for the process engine to complete everything. After clicking on the button start, user will be redirected from the start new instance interface and the process engine will run the instance and activate tasks and activities according to the model in the background. This will greatly increase the performance experience for users that wait for complex processes to complete before they are able to do anything else. The same principle applies to completing tasks.

    Are there any drawbacks to this change?
    Generally no. However, if there is a process where a person who starts a new instance should also perform the first task in the instance then users may experience a delay. If a person starts a new instance and goes to her lists then it might take a little while until the tasks shows up in her inbox list. This is because the instance is run in the background and it may not be run instantaneously.

    Is there a way to change this setting?
    Yes there is. There is a setting available on sequence flows that can tell the process engine to run the instance in the foreground. This means that the user will see a loading icon while the process engine is completing a task or starting a new instance. And, if the same user is allowed to perform the next task then she will be redirected to it immediately.

    In BPMN 1 processes the setting on the sequence flow is called Redirect Automatically and can be set to true. In BPMN 2 processes the setting on the sequence flow is called Go to next task.


Warnings and errors when using Call Activities
We have improved warnings and error messages when updating BPMN 2.0 process models that contain call activities or that are used as call activities. It now clearly tells you if you are trying to remove a process that is used as a Call Activity.

Automatic canvas scrolling
The BPMN 2.0 process modeler has received an improvement when you want to move an object to a place that is outside of your visible area. Simply drag the object to the edge and the canvas will keep scrolling in that direction.

Warnings for multiple sequence flows with parallel gateway
We’ve added warnings to the BPMN 2.0 process validation functionality so that it now warns you if you have modeled multiple incoming and outgoing sequence flows to and from the same parallel gateway. Modeling in this way will create an error when you run it as an application.

Enhanced usability for data lists

We have enhanced the usability for data lists in forms. It is now possible to interact with the data lists using the keyboard and not just the mouse, making it smoother for end users to fill in forms.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed some low-level issues in the Barium Live API
  • Added some tooltip information on buttons that didn’t have any
  • Fixed an issue when deleting a group where the loading icon continued to spin on screen
  • Fixed some encoding issues in forms
  • Fixed an issue where it said the contract is full even though it wasn’t
  • Fixed an issue when clicking on reset password button twice caused an error
  • Fixed an issue where an error would sometimes show when publishing a process with a sub process in it