New features

  1. Download BPMN 1.0 processes as PDF
    Anyone viewing a BPMN 1.0 process model can now download the process as a PDF using the new button “Download as PDF” on the process page.


    Read more in the article Download process model as PDF.

  2. Get List information through Barium Live REST API
    We have added a couple of methods to the Barium Live REST API so that it is possible to get Lists and Lists data through our API integration.

    Read more in the API article Lists.

  3. List categories
    It is now possible to add categories to lists. Those users who are allowed to create and edit lists in a space can create custom categories and add lists to a category. For the users looking at the lists they will then see their lists in that category. This feature makes it possible to create some structure among the lists that are created and presented to users.

    Screen Shot 2015-10-20 at 10.25.04.png

    Read more in the article List categories.

  4. Optional forms
    Optional form is a new feature available for BPMN 2.0 process applications. It is a setting on the association arrow to a form template and if activated will give the user, in the task it is associated to, the opportunity to decide whether or not (s)he want to create and fill in the form in the task or not.

    Read more in the article Add forms to your process.


  1. Limitation on maximum number of tasks that can be completed at once from lists
    It has been possible to select and complete an infinite number of tasks, now it is only possible to complete 10 at a time. This has been done to improve the user experience. Many users have experience long waiting periods and timeouts when selecting and completing many tasks at the same time.

    Read more in the article Complete tasks from lists.


Assign role in a task
Assign role is a setting that now can be set on a user task similarly as you already can set it on a sequence flow. Activating this setting presents an interface in the task where the user can assign users to roles.

Read more in the article Assign Roles.

Task overview text
We have improved the possibilities to add HTML to a BPMN 2.0 task overview text. You can now add a HREF-link that can contain variables to make better and clearer Task Overviews.

Read more in the article Task overview text.

Permission settings for tasks and instances
We have improved the permission settings for tasks and instances for those users who should have performed a task in an instance and try to open another task that (s)he should not have the right to open and look at. The error message is clearer and any tasks that you do not have access to are greyed out and cannot be opened in the process instance view.

Read more in the article Monitor Instances (Instance view).

Delete attachment when starting new instance
The Attachment Field can be added to forms allowing end-users to upload files and attachments to an instance folder. In an earlier upgrade we added a button to attachment fields to allow users to delete a chosen file if the person wants to choose another file before completing the task. This delete-button has not been visible in the Create New Instance view for attachment fields, it is now.

Notification message when user is added to a contract
We have improved the notification message that is sent to new users when they are added to a contract by the contract owner or administrator so that it no longer automatically writes out the contract owners name in the message. Instead it is now possible to edit more or less the entire message that will be sent out to the new user so that you can customize each message for that new user.

Read more in the article Manage user accounts and licenses.

Access to process settings on process page
We have made it easier for process modelers and configurators to access the most common settings for BPMN 2.0 processes by adding the Process Settings and the Quick Share buttons to the Process Page. They have only been accessible from inside the modeling tool before.

Read more in the article Process Page.

Easier sharing of process model
We have improved the dialogs to share a BPMN 2.0 process with others and removed some irregularities with the interface that confused many users. You no longer have to click on the confusing check-icon that saved the share setting and that most people forgot to click on. We have also added the possibility to add new permissions in the process settings window in the tab called permissions.

Read more in the article Process Permissions.

Modelling message flows
Modelling Message Flows has been improved in the BPMN 2.0 process modeler and now looks and works a lot better than before

Instance settings
There is a new setting available in the deployment configuration view for BPMN 2.0 process applications called Instance Settings where it is possible to configure the Name of the instances. Information added to this field will decide the name of each new instance. If there is a form field with the name on a start event, it will be overridden by whatever has been entered in the field Name of the instances. This feature allows for more advanced possibilities when configuring how instances should be named. You can use variables in the field and combine several variables as well as static information.

Read more in the article Instance settings.

Filtering functions for eventlog

In the Eventlog it is now possible to filter events with a couple of drop-downs which make it easier to find events in the list.

Fixed issues

  • We have fixed some timeout issues for application configurators in the participant configuration view and application configuration view.
  • Fixed an issue with hide navigation that in some cases didn’t hide the navigation menu for a space properly.
  • Fixed an issue where the last updated date that is shown on the top of forms would also show the date and time that a person looked at the form without editing it.
  • Fixed some issues with publishing BPMN 2.0 process models containing Call Activities.
  • Fixed some issues where a form in a task could be locked by yourself making it impossible to make changes to the form.
  • Fixed an issue with double scroll bars when starting new process instances.
  • Fixed some issues with HTML encoding being presented in Lists.
  • Fixed an issue with unnecessarily many error messages showing up in the task view if there are mandatory fields that have not been filled in.