2015.3 contains some big news and improvements that add increased self-service capabilities, added configuration possibilities and improvements to the navigation. We have also improved the interface in several areas of Barium Live to make the experience more coherent and alike in the different parts of Barium Live.

2015.3 is a larger upgrade compared to earlier upgrades in regards to the amount of items included in it as well as the content itself. The upgrade has been preceded by a public preview period and the possibility for customers to try out the new features and prepare their users for the upcoming changes.

New Features

1. New features for Contract and User management

Contract and User management are the self-service features that are included in Barium Live. This is where owners and assigned administrator can configure settings to spaces, add new users and manage existing ones.

We have added some new features that makes it easier to add users to contracts and spaces and we have also introduced contract administrators so that more people can be given permissions to help administrating solutions.

A. Add User manually

Adding a user manually is a new feature that gives you more control over the user experience for new users that are to be added to a space. It can be used instead of inviting new, non-existing users to Barium Live. Adding a user manually gives you control over e-mail notifications, password settings and more. Adding users manually is only possible if the user does not already exist on Barium Live you can still choose to invite users as before.

  • Adding a new user manually is done in the Manage contract settings.

  • In the section Users all users in a contract is listed. To add a new user click on Add user and then Add a new user.

    NOTE: To invite users as before, use the Invite users selection. 

  • In the appearing guide, the account details for the user are set. When finished, either an automatic email can be sent to the invited user or the inviter can collect the login details and share as desired to the new user/users.

    Read all about managing and user accounts and licenses

B. Contract Administrators

Contract Administrator is a new role that is available for contracts. A Contract Administrator can be given specific permissions to administer all or parts of a contract and its settings including users, spaces and more. This makes it possible to involve more people that are able to help in administrative tasks.

  • Contract Administrators are managed in the section Administrators in Manage contract. To add a new administrator click on Add new administrator and select the desired user.

  • Default, an administrator will have permissions to administer all parts of the Contract Administration. In the list with administrators it is possible to change the permissions using the checkboxes for managing contract, space, users and administration.

    This will enable or disable menu selections in the Contract Administration for the administrator.

    NOTE: The contract owner will always have permission to administer all of Contract Management.

    Read all about managing contract administrators

2. Custom Space Experience settings

The ability to adapt the look and feel of a space has received a number of new features. So far, the only available setting to set the space experience has been to choose which process model to present on the space start page. With this upgrade we have added several new features that lets you configure custom space experience settings in a number of ways.

  • Custom space experience is a new area of settings in the Space Settings. This is where you can add New Experiences.

  • You can choose which process model that should be presented on the space start page, you can choose to show or hide the top navigation as part of the experience settings offering people a very slim and simple interface. Usually this is done for “seldom users” of Barium Live.

  • You can choose to show or hide the help button, also a setting useful for those people who need a simple interface with no distractions or unnecessary parts of the interface.

  • You can choose who should see the custom experience by choosing one or more groups. Only the people that are members of the chosen groups will see the space in the configured way.

    Those people who are not a member of the group will see the default settings for the space found above the Custom Space Settings.

  • Multiple space experiences can be configured so that different people can have different experiences. This is done by adding a new Space Experience and selecting another group the custom space experience setting is for.

    If you have multiple custom space experiences with group settings and one or more users are a member of more than one group it’s possible to prioritize the custom space experience by dragging and dropping them to choose a priority. Simply click and hold on the three buttons found on the left of the space experience and drop it above or below another row and they will re-organize.

    Read the full article on space settings

3. Added participant configuration settings for the task view

Configuring the Task View for users is an important feature to make process applications and tasks easy to understand and perform. We have added even more configurable settings so that you can create an even more customized task view for each role in a process application.

  • Display right menu panel lets you hide everything in the right panel, except the buttons Save all changes and Complete task. It’s an easy way to hide everything without having to click on all checkboxes.

  • The checkboxes found under Display right menu panel have been extended to allow more control over each button and part in the right hand menu and are pretty self explanatory.

  • The checkbox Replace list button with home button replaces the List button icon with a Home button icon and, if clicked on, redirects the user to the space start page. This is a useful for those users who are seldom users.

    A task view with the Replace list button with home button unchecked

    A task view with the Replace list button with home button checked

    Read all about settings that can be made to the Task view

4. Support for Signal events in BPMN 2.0 processes

  • It is now possible to configure intermediate Signal events in the BPMN 2.0 modeler. Signal events can be handy in many process scenarios to steer the process flow. This release will include support for catching and throwing intermediate signal events as well as catching non-interrupting boundary events that exist within the same pool at the same process level.

    Read all about signal event in BPMN 2.0


1. Improved Navigation

Since we launched the current interface and menu we have collected feedback on how intuitive the user interface is, pain points that exist and improvement suggestions that are expressed. Based on the feedback we have adapted and improved the navigation of Barium Live to make it clearer, simpler and more user friendly. See a demo of what it will look like in the video below and read about each improvement in the list below.


  • Clicking on top menus now open them
    Customer feedback has told us that a common irritation is the menu items open unwillingly when moving the mouse cursor across the screen. Therefore, we have improved the top menus so that you must click to open them.

  • Clicking on the logo now makes more sense
    We have adjusted what happens when you click on the logotype if you are in a space so that it does not take you to the Barium Live Startpage and consequently out of space. Instead, clicking on the logo now takes you to the Space Startpage if you are in a space. If you are not in a space, for example in your account settings or on the Barium Live Startpage (My Startpage) then clicking on the logo will take you to the Barium Live Startpage (My Startpage) as it did earlier.

  • No more Start button in the top menu
    The Start button including the list of Spaces to move between, found in the top menu on the right hand side of the logo has been removed. The ability to switch between spaces has been moved to a new button which is smaller and placed on the right hand side of the Account menu on the top right of the screen. We have found that switching between spaces is not a very common thing that most people do which is why we have moved the menu button and toned it down. Also, people have always been a little confused about the Start button and where you actually expect to go when clicking on it. Most people expect to get to the Space Startpage, not the Barium Live Startpage. To get to the Barium Live Startpage (now called My Startpage) there is a button called My Startpage found in the Space picker menu.

    Read the full article about how to navigate in Barium Live

2. Improved Create New Instance page

The Start New Instance page is where people fill out forms and start new instances for process applications. It has been updated and changed so that it looks and works better. The interface will follow the design guidelines for the rest of the product, specifically the way that the Task View looks so that the interface to create new instances looks and feels the sames as working in the Task view and making Barium Live a more unified experience.

  • New, dynamic buttons
    The buttons Start and Cancel will move from the left hand side to the right hand side so that they will be found in the same area of the screen as the buttons Complete Task are found in the Task View.

    The buttons will be updated to be dynamic, meaning that they will stick to the top of the screen even when you need to scroll down if the form is long or the screen is small.

    In those cases that the screen width is small, the buttons will move from the right hand side and automatically place themselves above the form so that the form can use the entire width of the screen.

  • Improved Assign Performer Interface
    Some process applications can be configured in a way that people who start new instances also must assign a role. The interface for this will be updated so that it looks the same and works in the same way as in the other areas of Barium Live where assigning performers is required.

  • Improved Error Message panel
    The Error Message panel will be improved to look better and to give clearer and better information to those people who try to start new instances without completing all the necessary steps in the form.

  • Improved Default Form interface
    In those cases that a process application does not have a form connected to the Start Event, the person viewing the Start New Instance will see the Instance Information Panel consisting of two standard fields called Name and Description. These will be updated to look better and better fit into the rest of the design.

    In those cases that there is a form attached to the Start Event but there is no field that has the name instance.name on it, then the same Instance Information Panel will show up below the form.

  • Improved External Start view
    Process applications can be started externally as well. The same updates on the user interface that we made for the Internal Create New Instance view has been done to the External one as well.

    The buttons are dynamic and placed on the right hand side of the screen or on the top right depending on the screen size.

    The buttons will stay on the screen even if the form that needs to be filled in is long and requires scrolling.

    The error message panel has been improved as well.

    Assign Performers is a setting that is only available for logged in users when starting new instances so this has not been changed.

    Read more about starting new instances

    Read more about starting new instances externally

3. Attachments in Forms

Files can be attached to forms through an attachment field, the files are then available in the Content folder and in the Instance overview.

Improved attachments in forms
We have improved the presentation of the attached files in the Content folder and in the Instance overview, now attachments will be shown in association with the form they were attached to. This to make it easier to see the relationship between the attachments and the forms.

In the Content folder the attachments will be grouped and shown as associated to the form. Forms with attachments are indicated with the text Attached files on the right hand side, when you click on it a list of the attached files are shown. The only way to add more files to a form is through the form itself, It is not possible to attach files via Content folder, and as before, it is not possible to remove an attached file in the Content folder, this has to be done from the form itself.

In the Instance overview, the attachments are now placed hierarchically underneath the form in which it is attached to, instead of showing up in the root folder of the content folder.

Read all about the attachments folder

4. Improved Interface when completing tasks in Lists

The design and User Interface for completing tasks from Lists will receive improvements to better align with the way it looks and works in the rest of Barium Live. If you complete a task from Lists, the interface will look and work in the same way as it does when completing a task from the Task view, giving users a much more unified experience when completing tasks.

  • Confirm when completing
    When you complete a task from the Task View the standard confirmation dialog shows up on the screen requiring the user to confirm before the task is completed. This dialog will now also show up when completing tasks from the Lists view. Also, if there is only one action to perform, the confirmation window will show up immediately without the need to click on the only available action.

  • Assign Performer
    If you complete a task from a List and the completion of the task is configured so that you need to assign a performer, the interface where you assign a performer will now look and feel the same as in the Task View.

    Read all about assigning users to tasks

  • Action Comments
    In the same way, if you complete a task from the Lists view and the task allows or requires you to fill in a comment, the interface where you fill in the comment will be updated to look the same as in the Task View. If the task is configured with both Assign Performer and Action Comments activated these two settings will show up in the same panel as it does in the Task View.

    Read more about different ways to complete tasks

5. Action Comments

Action Comments is a configuration that can be set on a Sequence Flow allowing user to add comments to a completed task. The comments show up in the following task(s) for the following users to read.

We have improved the action comments feature to assimilate it into the general comments feature available on Barium Live so that Action Comments and Comments are more unified.
  • Action Comments is now called Task Comments
    Action Comments is changing name to Task Comments. Task Comment is a better and clearer name of the feature since it is a comment regarding the task. The Comments feature already shows whether a comment regards a form, file or instance so it’s only logic that the comment regarding a task is renamed a Task Comment.

  • Notify users and roles with the @-sign
    The comments feature in Barium Live has support for notifying users and roles when writing their names with an @-sign. This feature is now also available for Task Comments.

  • Task Comments show up clearly in the Task View
    Unread Task Comments now show up clearly in the Task view if you have not yet read them to make sure that they are not missed. Earlier they would only be shown on the Task Overview page which meant that people would miss reading the comments if Task Overview is disabled.

  • All comments in one place
    Task Comments (old Action Comments) and Comments are now shown in the same place, the Comments tab in the Instance View or the Comments column in Lists. This makes it easier to find the Task Comments, it’s in the same place where you’ll find all comments. It is possible to see whether a comment is an action comment or not by looking in the comment header. If it reads Regarding followed by the name of a task, then it is an Task Comment since it regards a task.

  • Action Comments removed from Lists
    Action Comments has had a dedicated column that could be used to show eventual comments in a list of completed Tasks. This has been removed since all comments now are shown in the standard List Column called Comments which also shows whether or not there are new, unread comments to read.

Read all about Task Comments

6. Improved Form Designer

The Barium Live Form Designer has received an update on the interface and layout to make it easier to use when creating forms, we evened out several pain points and generally made it better.

  • Form Layout templates
    Introducing Form Layout templates to make it easier and faster to create forms by doing the basics for you. Choose between the standard layout or a 2-column layout.

  • New panel layout
    The two panels Design and Select have been split up from being presented in two tabs on the right hand side and are now presented on either side of the Form. Toolbox is the new name for the Design panel but contains the same thing, all the available fields that can be used to design a new form. Outline is the new name for the Select panel and, as before, shows a hierarchical structure of the panels and fields that your form consists of.

  • Improved usability
    We have worked out a lot of kinks and common problems that have irritated and been in the way of effectively creating and editing forms. Here are some of the highlights that we have improved on.
    • The Outline Hierarchy now stays expanded as you add more field to the form instead of closing each time you add a field.
    • The Column Layout field has been improved to show a lot more clearly where its drop zones are to make it easier to place fields in it.
    • You can now search in the Outline panel and more easily find a field or panel. Useful when you have large and long forms.
    • The preview has been slightly improved to better show how a form will look and work.

  • New icons for forms
    The icons for the form templates have been updated and have a new look and feel.

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Fixed issues

As usual we have fixed issues and squashed bugs as well as worked on improving performance and stability. Below is a list of some of these fixed issues.
  • Fixed an issue with long instance names that are not presented properly in the space start page
  • Fixed an issue with long task names that make the task view look strange
  • Fixed an issue where locks on forms would sometimes not unlock by themselves
  • Fixed an issue where invited users would sometimes get stuck in "pending"
  • Fixed an issue where some lists would throw an error when trying to save changes
  • Fixed an issue where the token trail of BPMN 2.0 process apps would not show up after gateways
  • Fixed some issues regarding Internet Explorer 8 and 9
  • Fixed an issue where invites did not work properly for certain users
  • Fixed issues regarding generating PDF files from forms and attachments
  • Fixed an issue where forms did not resize properly in browser windows
  • Fixed some issues for Internet Explorer 11 in the BPMN 2.0 modeling tool
  • Fixed an issue where Tokens do not show up properly in BPMN 2.0 sub processes
  • Fixed some dead links from the New User process
  • Fixed an issue in the API where start and max parameters didn't work properly in /tasks