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2014.3.3 is a minor release to Barium Live that adds new and improved features to the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0, forms, improved e-mail notifications when inviting to tasks and improvements in the process application configuration capabilities.

New Features

Role Mapper

Assign Role is a setting on a sequence flow that can be configured to allow users to choose who, from the possible users or groups, that should perform tasks in a role. This can now also be done for roles that have Role Mappers set on them giving a whole new dimension to the possibilities of role assignment with Role Mappers. For example, you may want to be allowed to pick an electrician to perform electrical work for a work order if that work order is for electrical work.


Read more about Role Mapper

User experience when completing tasks

The ability to decide the user experience for the person who completes a User Task is now available; When completing the Task is a setting that allows you to configure if the user should be redirected to Lists or continue to the next Task after the Task has been completed. This is useful for those process applications where you have sequential tasks that may be performed by the same person and want to give the user the experience of jumping from one step in the process to the next.


Read more about User experience when completing tasks


1. Show Task Overview as Default is now checked by default for all process roles and participants when creating new BPMN 2.0 process applications. This setting has been, until now been unchecked by default resulting in a different default experience compared to BPMN 1.x process applications. We have now changed it to be the same.


2. Add User Experience is a new configuration tab in the Barium Live BPMN 2.0 Modeler 2.0 that groups the configuration settings for setting the user experience on sequence flows connected from User Tasks. The setting Assign Performer has been put into that tab and the new feature called When completing the Task which is new in this release is also found in that tab.





3. We have changed how certain files in the content folder react to being deleted. If a file has been uploaded to the content folder via an attachment field in a form can no longer be deleted from the content folder, it must be deleted from the attachment field that it is attached to.



1. We have improved the e-mail notifications sent out when inviting other users to a Task. It now tells the person invited which permission (s)he has been given, whether the person has been given viewing, editing or performing permissions.

2. We have improved the button in the BPMN 2.0 viewer that lets modelers open the process in the modelling tool. It now gives the option to create a new version of the process or to open existing drafts saving modelers some clicks.

3. We have improved the validation tool in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 to warn users when using symbols and modeling patterns that are not yet supported when deploying processes to applications.

4. We have improved the form field Attachment allowing users to remove a chosen file from the field and the content folder. This makes it possible to make more diverse process applications that require files to be added to an process. Removing attachments is not possible if the field is locked or hidden.

5. Improved the configuration view for the BPMN 2.0 Data Store symbol so that only the name of the data store can be added which is the only configuration currently available.

6. Improved the modeling experience slightly for those using IE 11.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 where sequence flows would sometimes jump out of position when dropping a pool on them
  • Fixed an issue in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 where boundary events on sub processes would lose their position when changing the sub process to be shown as collapsed or expanded.
  • Fixed an issue in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 where the configuration window would sometimes open partially outside of the screen view.
  • Fixed an issue in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 where a symbol could not be dropped onto a sequence flow and get connected to it if it had a data object connected to it.
  • Fixed an issue in comments for BPMN 2.0 process apps where the name of a role would sometimes show the 32 character long ID instead of the name.
  • Fixed an issue for the Text Annotation symbol for BPMN 2.0 process models that sometimes would look funny
  • Fixed an issue in User Management in the Contract Management administration where it would sometimes be possible to remove the default group Everyone for a user in a space.
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it was possible to model a Sequence Flow from a Text Annotation.