Upgrade Presentation Web Cast

This upgrade brings new and improved features to the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 and to building and running process apps.

New features

External web link for process models 

Share your process models with anyone by enable the web link. Convenient when you want to get feedback on your processes or use them on your intranet or web page, 


Read more about External web link for process models.

New setting in the Send E-mail Business Component 

In the Send E-mail Business Component it is now possible to send e-mail messages to the previous performer in all roles of the instance. This exclude the ones where the participant of the role has been replaced by a new performer, then only the newest performer in that role gets the e-mail. 


Read more about Send e-mail

New feature in Task deadline 

Task deadlines can help your users prioritize their tasks and make them complete the tasks on time and it is now possible to create deadlines based on form fields. This can be useful for processes where the initiator states a date and you have tasks depending on that. 


Read more about Task deadlines

New variables 

New variables for accessing the performers or possible performers in an instance. You can now get the specific assigned performer of a role of an instance by using the Assigned variable and you can also get all of the performers with access to a specific roles tasks in an instance by using the Anyaccess variable.  

Read more about Variables.  


Process view canvas adapts to browser size

The process view page is now smarter and adapts the height of the process canvas to the browser window size. 


Improved Confirmation Message page for External Start 

Now all Barium Live design parts are hidden when you use the suffix ?HideGui=true even on the confirmation message page for external start.  





Fixed issues 

  • Fixed an issue in the Send E-mail Business Component when using the All Previous performers setting that it would not send to previous performers who only have a start event.
  • Fixed an issue for BPMN 2.0 process apps with a sub process did not properly show forms in the task view when running the process in the sub process.
  • Fixed an issue in the BPMN 2 modeling tool where selecting and dragging text in the expression editor would erroneously show the message “file cannot be uploaded”. 
  • Fixed an issue in the Asset Browser of the BPMN 2 modeling tool where assets such as Roles that are removed from the process model are not removed from the list in the asset browser which confused users in thinking that the asset was not removed completely. 
  • Fixed an issue for BPMN 1 process apps where forms were sometimes not created properly when completing a task from the Lists view. 
  • Fixed an issue where new comments showed up in the bottom of the comments field instead of on top. 
  • Fixed an issue in the BPMN 2 modeling tool where the chat window would sometimes show up under the right hand side panel making it impossible to read or write messages without closing the panel. 
  • Fixed an issue in the BPMN 2 modeler where sometimes new instances were not correctly initiated for data objects with line breaks in their names. 
  • Fixed an issue in the BPMN 2 modeler where the task view did not correctly present where the task is in the process model if the task is in a sub process 
  • Fixed an issue in the BPMN 2 modeler where the validation tool could not locate symbols if they are in a sub process 
  • Fixed some issues where exporting a list to CSV that contains formatted information from process models would sometimes show strange characters in the data. 
  • Fixed some issues for IE8 and the BPMN 2.0 modeling tool that makes work much better together now. Fixed an issue where downloading a form as PDF from the task view would in some cases not show values for multi-select fields. 
  • Fixed an issue where External Start Confirmation Message that uses the suffix ?HideGui=true works better. 
  • Fixed an issue where invited users would sometimes look like their invitation is pending even though they have accepted it 
  • Fixed an issue for the Send E-mail Business Component where an e-mail could not be sent if the field that contained the e-mail address had a dot (.) in it. 
  • Fixed and improved line-drawing and routing of sequence flows in process models and sub processes. 
  • Fixed some issues regarding process models and Internet Explorer where the list of processes in the asset browser did not show all processes in the space that can be used as Call Activities. 
  • Fixed an issue in Lists where sometimes BPMN 2.0 applications would not show in the list of possible applications to use in the list.