In addition to the BPMN 2.0 symbols in Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 you can use the Block symbol to decorate your processes or to describe a process without using the standard BPMN 2.0 symbols.

The function is found in the menu to the left and default a orange square is shown. To edit this artifact, right click on the symbol and a panel for settings is shown. You can then change the shape, color, text or borders, you can choose to put an image as background and you can add a hyberlink to the symbol, all this to make it easy to create additional objects around the process. 

This artifacts can be used to help users understand the process and help them perform their tasks.

NOTE: The Block symbol has no influence on the runnability. 

Upload image to block symbol

You can also upload an image to a block symbol, allowing you to easily add images such as logotypes or background images to your process model to make it look better. In the section Image browse to your wished image and open. The block symbol will change appearance to the uploaded image with the default setting Lock image proportions


You can change the proportions of the image by selecting one of the following: 

  • Fill - the image will adjust to the height and width of your block symbol and fill the whole area 
  • Repeat background - if the size of the canvas is bigger than the image it will be repeated, good for small images you want to use repeatedly as a background pattern 
  • Lock image proportions - the proportions of the image is locked and the size will depend on the height or width 

The file formats supported are gif, jpg, png and svg. 

NOTE: Have you used the previous image feature where you linked the image using an url? 

This feature is replaced by the new upload functionality, but if you have used the url-function in one of your processes the image will keep appearing, but if you want to change it you have to upload the image according to the new way of working.