2014.1.1 is a Service Maintenance upgrade which is primarily focused on bug fixes and anticipated improvements. However, we have also added some great new features which can be activated by process modelers and application configurators. These new features do not have any impact on end users since they must first be activated.

New Features

Assign user only

Assign user only is a feature that is activated in the advanced panel for an application so that participants that can assign performers when completing a task are only able to choose users and not groups.

This is useful to those customers that want to force their participants to choose users only and who rely on the fact that tasks that follow the action are assigned to a user in order for work to get done.

A simple setting in the Advanced tab in the process application configuration tab lets you activate or deactivate this.

Multi Instance Task

MultiInstance is a Loop configuration that can be set on a Task in a process model and that indicates that the same Task will be performed more than once before the Task is deemed as complete and the instance will move on in the process.


On Barium Live you can use the MultiInstance Task to give every person that is configured as a Participant the same Task to perform. Each person will see the task in their List and will need to complete it. When all users have completed their tasks the entire task will be deemed as complete and the process will continue.

NOTE: You must follow a strict modeling pattern for a MultiInstance Task to work properly. 

Ground rules are:

  • 1 sequence flow into the task, 1 sequence flow out of the task
  • Users can read a form or users can create a new form

When is this useful?

If you have a process in which you want people read or review something you can create a MultiInstance Task and call it Review Information. Create a group called Reviewers and add the group as the participant. All users that are members of the group will receive the task Review Information in their list and must complete the task. As a process owner you can see which people have completed the task and in effect read the information. Reviewers are given support in what needs to be done and in combination with a task deadline, when they are expected to have reviewed the information.

Read all about configuring the MultiInstance Task here.

Custom Confirmation Message for external start events

After an external user triggers a start event or intermediate event, using an external web link, a standard text that says “Action performed successfully” is shown. This message can now be edited to give the external user a much more helpful Confirmation Message. To do this there is a new button called “Edit message” available when the external start event has been activated. Click on the button to create the custom Confirmation Message.


The message can be edited using a simple and useful What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editor as shown below. Your message can be formatted to look good and you can even use process variables to present information from the process instance or form.

Read all about activating external start events and message editing here.

Hide Barium Live User Interface items for external start events

For External URLs for Start Events or Intermediate Events it is now possible to hide the Barium Live design parts such as Logo, ribbon and colors that by default are shown. By adding the query string ?hideGui=true to the end of the external link URL the interface shown to the end user is completely free from design elements that Barium Live has.

External start form without the extra query string to hide GUI. 

External start form with the query string for hiding the GUI.

External start form with the query string for hiding the GUI embedded in a external webpage using iFrame.

When is this useful? 

Many of our users want to have control of the Graphic User Interface (GUI) of their external start links. By removing the Barium Live design elements, only the content of the form that is shown which brings more control to the designer of the process application.

Read all about configuring your external start URLs here.


Show Comments is a configuration that now is active for all new process application that you create on Barium Live. The checkbox will be checked by default.


Read all about configuring and using Comments here.


  • Improved the interface for comments when viewing a form in a task so that comments are shown directly under the end of the form instead of users having to scroll down the page to see and write comments to the form.

  • We improved exporting List items to Excel. There is a limit to how long a text that is being shown in a column in a List can be. The list will only show the first 450 characters and omit any following characters. This is to ensure that Lists are useable even when presenting alot of text. The same limit existed when exporting the content of a list to Excel. We have now removed the limit when exporting to Excel allowing you to get the full content of a columns text when exporting it to Excel.

  • Activating an External Start URL has been improved. Instead of clicking on “Application Configuration”, the “External Start” tab and clicking on the check box “activate external URL”, click on “save” (which brings you to the process overview page), click on “Edit application”, open the tab “External start” and then you can select and copy the URL to use for external users. The URL is now shown the second after you click on the check box and you no longer need to leave and go back to the External Start tab.


Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue for the contract management where deleted viewer accounts would sometimes be added to the sum of active viewer accounts in the contract to make it look like there are more active Viewer accounts.

  • Fixed an issue where sometimes it didn’t work to change the name of a List after changing the name and clicking on “save”.

  • Fixed issues with Internet Explorer 8 which would sometimes show a JavaScript error when loading instances.

  • Fixed an issue where a Space Owner could not be able to choose a new user to replace him or her.

  • Fixed an issue for the Business Component setDocumentProperties where the Business Component would fail if any of the information that is to be inserted from a form field contains a comma (,). The Business Component can now manage texts that contain commas in it.

  • Fixed an issue where, if an external user triggers two external start events directly after each other, the other instance would look like it was triggered by the first process application instead of an “external user”. Now the information of who triggered the instance is always correct.

  • Fixed an issue in the API where the list of tasks would always return tasks that are waiting to be completed as well as completed tasks even if the API request has the filter attribute status=ready or status=complete. Now the API will only return tasks that have the status that is requested.

  • Fixed an issue where the the participant configuration view would sometimes take a very long time to load.

  • Fixed an issue where a drop down field containing values that exceed 80 000 values would timeout and throw an error.

  • Fixed an issue where documents in Word 2013 did not correctly load in the preview when clicking on them in the content folder in a task.