The content of Barium Live! 2013.3.1 are a number of improvements focused on improving the service stability and removing bugs, some new features for application and space administrators has also been added.


1. We have added the possibility for the process application administrator to change names on form templates in the application administration.

2. We have added the possibility for Space administrators to re-activate user accounts that have been disabled due to that wrong password has been entered more than 3 times.

3. We have added the possibility to add a column to lists that shows on what end-event an Instance was ended (does not apply on historically ended instances, only new) .

4. We have added support for modeling processes in Internet Explorer 11.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where links in Task Overview were not opened in a new window/tab.
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes was not possible to export all data from a process application to excel.
  • Fixed an issue where resources were not shown correctly in the Task view.
  • Fixed an issue with line breaks in text areas when shown in the Task overview.
  • Fixed an issue where Instance number could not be reached through the API.
  • Fixed an issue where multiple values could not be populated into a field in a word-document when using the business component ”Set Document Properties”.
  • Fixed an issue where contracts owners could not export a list containing the users included in the contract to excel.
  • Fixed an issue where instance number wrongly was added to sub-instances.
  • Fixed an issue where forms got a default height and width which sometimes affected the rendering of the form for end-users.