The contents of Barium Live! 2013.1.2 are a number of improvements focused on improving the service stability and removing bugs and a couple of new features for application adminstrators to better manage the process applications settings for ongoing instances and tasks.


1. A process application adminsitrator can manually change the deadline for any task and override any task deadline settings that originally set the deadline for the task. Any user that has “Full Control” rights to a process application will see a small cog-wheel icon in the task view and be able to change or set a deadline for a task.

This is useful in those cases that deadlines are used very actively as a planning and overview tool and where you need to change any deadline settings regardless of what the deadline setting was in a process model.

Read more about setting and changing Task deadlines

2. We have added the possibility for the process application administrator to decide which language all instances for a process application should have. Earlier, an instance would get the language that the user who started the instance has. This means that all automatic notifications would be sent out in that users language. If you have users with different language settings that meant messages would be sent out in different languages.

Now you can decide which language your instances should have every time. Default is the same language that the person creating the application has.

Any applications created before the 2013.1.2 release will have the setting “Instances in the Initiators language”

Read more about Application configuration

3. We have improved performance in lists when presenting fields in columns where the fields exist in two or more different forms.

4. Improved performance has also been made when loading all instances for process application in the Process Application Overview if the application has very many instances.

5. We have improved the use of line breaks when creating custom e-mail notification messages for user tasks. Earlier a line break in your e-mail message text would not create a line break in the text, you needed to use <br>. Now a regular line break using the Enter key creates a line break in your e-mail message as well.

Fixed Issues

  • Fixed an issue where resources that are modeled into a container did not show up in the task view when running a process.
  • Fixed an issue where exporting lists to Excel did not work properly in Firefox.
  • Fixed an issue where process objects that were deleted from the model would sometimes show up again the next time the process is opened in the process model.
  • Fixed a number of issues in the modeling tool.
  • Fixed an issue in the Rest API where the Process ID attribute was empty when calling /Tasks
  • Fixed an issue where IE cached sub process images where changes that were made to a sub processes did not show up when viewing the process model. Instead it presented the old, cached version of the sub process.
  • Fixed an issue where the browser would not respond when pressing Enter on the keyboard after clicking on the button Complete Task.
  • Fixed an issue when completing a task which has a form template which has been modeled as an output and has the property ProducedAtCompletion set to False still required the user to fill in the fields in the form even though that should not be the case when modeled in this way. Now it works correctly!
  • Fixed an issue in forms where the attribute Width did not set the desired width when used on Form Panels.
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes was not possible to create new folders in a tasks Content Folder.
  • Fixed an issue where swedish characters å,ä,ö were not shown correctly in Outlook when sending an external web link for a process model from Barium Live!
  • Fixed an issue in Activity Lists where an error message when clicking on Filter for a Task Deadline column in the list designer. Now you can create a list and filter the list on Task Deadline.
  • Fixed an issue in the Process Performance Dashboard where the number of ongoing tasks shown in the pie chart did not show the correct number of ongoing tasks when changing the number of days filter.
  • Fixed an issue where a padlock was shown on completed tasks if the task was completed using the Rest API.