Below are the details of the features and functions that are new as of this release with detailed descriptions on what is new, how it works and why.

New Features

1. Configurable activity Lists

No more separate Inbox tab and Instances tab. They have been merged into a tab called Lists a place where you can see all tasks and instances in a collected view. Here you can create your own lists, share lists with your colleagues and see lists that have been shared with you. Quick filters and smarter loading greatly improves your experience and lets you find things easier.

The Lists tab

The tabs Inbox and Instances have been merged into one single tab called Lists.

The lists view allows you to see multiple types of lists containing tasks or instances. My Tasks is the former Inbox tab and All instances is the former Instances tab.

There is a new list called My started instances showing all the instances that you as a logged on user has created.

Logging onto Barium Live! will automatically take you to the Lists view since the inbox tab no longer exists.

Quick filters

Quick filters lets you easily find specific items in the list you are in using:

Free text search

Application filtering

Status filtering

Date range filtering

Quick filter settings are remembered. If you set up a quick filter, leave the list and go back, the quick filters are there until you remove them or log out of Barium Live!

Complete multiple tasks at the same time

Complete multiple tasks directly from the a list.

Mark several tasks using checkboxes and click on Perform action.

Selected tasks must be in the same application and in the same task to be completed.

Selected tasks must not require fields to be filled out or information to be created upon completion.

The above requirements are validated and will throw an error if they are not met.

Create new list

Quick and easy access to creating your own personal lists.

Create a new list and enter the List Designer to create the list.

Save as new list

Do you have a list that you are extra satisfied with?

Want to use it for other applications or filters?

Save as new list saves time from creating lists from scratch.

Fine tune the list configuration in the List Designer.

Export list

Export the list content in CSV format to work with in Excel

Simple on-demand lists can be created with real-time data. No need to prepare reports with hours of data-mining.

Design your own List

Design your own new List using the List Designer.

Give it a name and description.

Decide if you want a list of tasks or a list of instances.

Choose one or more applications to show content from.

Add fields from forms in the applications.

Choose a sort and group order of your list.

Save and you're done!

Share your list with your colleagues

Add permissions to your created lists.

Allow others to use your list.

Allow other to alter and improve your list.

Improved list item loading

List content is now dynamically loaded as you scroll down in lists that contain many items.

No more paging between different pages containing hundreds of list items.

2. Barium Live! REST API

The brand new Barium Live! REST API allows anyone to create custom integration to process models and process applications. The API is open, free and fully documented in our Wiki. Want to see an example of an integrated client that uses the API? See the Barium Business Navigator Iphone App which has been created using the Barium Live! REST API for all communication between the app and the web service.

Read more in the Barium Live! REST API

3. Present the process

New button available for all process models.

Presentation mode, optimized for full-screen presentations.

No browser taking up space, Zoom bar to easily zoom in and zoom out on process details, full interaction with the process model.

4. Assign performers in task view

New configuration property available on sequenceflow: Automatically show Assign performers.

Allows users to assign performers in the task view instead of assigning performers when performing an action.

Set value to True as shown in the image to the right.

In the task that the sequence flow is connected from, a new tab will show up in the task view.

Assign performers as you would when performing an action.

Complete task as normal and you're done!

This configuration makes it possible to model a "Assign performers task", a task where the sole work to perform is to assign performers.

More logic in some process model user cases.

5. New form fields

HTML panel is a new field that helps you make your form look good. Drop it onto your form, double-click on it and you can create a layout as easy as using Word.

Changes from previous version

1. Improved support for task and form locking

  • Working collaboratively in the same task has been made easier and clearer.
  • Tasks are no longer automatically locked when opened.
  • Forms are automatically locked for editing when cursor is placed in a field in the form.
  • Others who are viewing the form cannot edit the content until it is unlocked.
  • Forms indicate when they were last updated and by who.

2. Improved process presentation in External Web Links

  • Process models viewed through the External Web Link now looks better.
  • Zoom bar to zoom in and out in the process model.
  • Container objects show up in the side panel.
  • Process information can be shown and hidden in the side panel.

3. Name is used instead of Id for form fields

  • The property Id has been replaced with Name as the field identifier.
  • In the earlier version forms could crash if two fields were given the same Id which sometimes resulted in having to redo parts of the form. By using the property Name instead means that forms no longer crash.
  • All forms that were built using Id as the field identifier will continue to work as normal and will show Id in the filed property panel.
  • All new forms that you create should have Name as the field identifier. Do not use Id in new form fields.

Fixed issues in 2011.1

1. Clearer warning when deleting a process application

  • Deleting a process application by misttake means a lot of work to recreate.
  • We have change the warning message when deleting a process application to make it harder to delete by mistake.
  • You now have to write the applications name in the alert box that shows up when you try to delete a process application.

2. Application administrators can unlock tasks and forms

  • As an application administrator, override locked tasks and forms.
  • Users may have checked specific task or field checked that others need to work.
  • Typical user case for this if someone started work on a task and is no longer available due to illness or vacation.

3. Improved loading of the Barium BPMN Modeler

  • The Barium BPMN modeler has been optimized to make it load a little quicker and to minimize the flickering when opening in the browser.

4. Redirect automatically now works in XoR Gateways

  • Redirect automatically can be set as a property on sequence flows and redirects a user to the task view directly if the following task can be performed by the same user.
  • Earlier this didn't work when the property was set on a sequence flow leaving an Exclusive Or Gateway, now it does.