Barium Live! 2013.2 brings some great, new and improved features to the Barium Live! interface updating the interface to look better overall and allowing users to adapt and personalize the interface.

Some brand new self-service features have also been made available for application creators in lists, role mapping and automating.

New features

1. Personlize Space with custom logo and color

Upload a custom logotype change the default color in the header for all spaces. This allows you to personalize a space and make it look and feel like your company or organization.

You can upload different logotypes to different spaces or the same logotype to the different spaces to customize as you choose.

Your customized layout also becomes visible for any External start events that you have shared to users outside of Barium Live! using the External Web Link

Customize your space logotype and color in Space settings.

2. New form field - Space Logo

A new field is available for forms callen SpaceLogo which presents the space logotype in a form to be used as a graphical element. To access this field you must have uploaded a custom logotype to your space, otherwise the field is not shown in the form editor.

3. Variable support

Variable support already exists in Barium Live! specifically for e-mails where the syntax $formId.fieldName$ can be used to present data from forms in e-mail messages. This feature has now been included to forms as well.

Now it is possible to access any and all form data in an instance in any task.

Variables can be used as default values in form fields which will result in the information being copied into the form field so that it doesn't have to be manually inserted.


Variables can be used in HTML panels allowing you to create custom content in an HTML panel with a mixture of fixed texts and dynamic content from variables to create useful information panels that you wish to present to participants. If you activate PDF conversion in the Application configuration settings, users can download the form as a PDF with HTML panel presenting data from your instance and form fields.

4. Role Mapper

Role Mapper is a new feature available in the Space Administration. A Role Mapper will automatically assign a participant based on information in a process instance.

Create a Role Mapper and connect it to a Value List and decide who should be assigned a role in the process depending on which value in the list is chosen.

This is very useful for those processes where you cannot have a user or group assigned as participant, it must vary depending on information in the process instance.

For example, you may have a support process where different people should be assigned a role based on which customer the support case is related to. If you have a drop-down value list with the name of the customers, the Role Mapper can assign the correct customer account manager based on which customer is chosen in the list.

Read all about how to create and configure a Role Mapper.

5. List owner

You can now see who created a shared list so that you know who to contact with questions or feedback regarding the content, configuration or setup of the list.

6. New List filters

Lists have received two new filter options that are “negative” filter options. Not equals can be used if you want to show all items except those that have the value that you write in the filter field. Does not contain will filter out any items that contain the word or part of word that you write in the filter field.

Read all about creating, editing and using Lists.


1. Improved user interface

The Barium Live! user interface has received an overall update to improve it in general and to adapt it to better fit to any custom logotype or color that is uploaded so that colors and layouts fit well together and do not clash. Improvements involve

  • Improved indications of what is selected
  • Less clutter to allow users to focus on the important information in lists
  • The header has been made smaller
  • Improved icons that are the same throughout the Barium Live! interface

2. Lists instead of My Activity Lists

“My Activity Lists” has been improved and changes name to “Lists” for better understanding.

Search window has been moved from the Quick Filters on the bottom right of the Lists view and is now always visible above the list column.

  • The heading My Lists has been moved to the top of the left panel
  • The heading Lists shared with me is only visible if there are any shared lists
  • The Default List icon has been removed from the user interface but the functionality is still available.

3. Improved Task View

The Task View has been improved and updated as part of the update of the entire Barium Live! interface. We have also improved the following:

  • Task Deadline is now visible in the grey ribbon so that the deadline is always visible in the task. Earlier the Task Deadline was only visible in the Task Overview which meant that users would not see the Task Deadline if the Task Overview was configured to not be shown by default.

Read all about about how to configure and use Task deadlines.

  • All forms can now be downloaded as PDFs from the Content Folder if the application has been configured to allow forms to be downloaded, a setting that you configure in the application settings.
  • It is now clearer who has updated a form and when it was updated. The information is always shown above the form whereas it earlier was not always visible.

4. Improved Complete Task buttons

The Complete Task buttons have been updated to be clearer both functionally and graphically to make it easier for end users to understand what has been chosen and what will happen when clicking on the buttons. All buttons including Complete Task and Save all have received a small graphical update with a small border around them in order to make them look more like buttons.

  • The Complete Task window always shows the button Confirm at the bottom so that it is clear that clicking on Confirm will complete the task.
  • The chosen action has received a small tick to make it clearer which action has been chosen and that will be performed when clicking on Confirm.
  • For tasks that only have one sequence flow modeled from it and where the sequence flow text label has been edited the complete task window now shows the text label content as an action and the confirm button below it. Earlier there was no confirm button, just the button showing the text from the sequence flow text label.
  • For tasks that have only one sequence from modeled from it and where the sequence flow text label has not been edited the complete task window will only show the button Confirm in it. Earlier the complete task window would show a button called Mark as complete.
  • For tasks that have two or more sequence flows modeled from the task and where there is one or more sequence flows that have not had their text labels edited the action now shows the text Unnamed action instead of the text Mark as complete.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue where old data would show up in the form when a new intermediate event is opened in a task when the same intermediate event had just been triggered earlier.
  • Fixed an issue where the instance would stop working if the start event was triggered by anything except a person and where the first task in the process has the configuration PreviousPerformer activated.
  • Fixed an issue where an instance list with more than 50 items in it did not get exported when clicking on export.
  • Fixed an issue where the warning text indicating that there are mandatory fields to be filled in when completing a task did not show if the user had scrolled down in a task.
  • Fixed an issue where a form sometimes would not load if certain texts were written in an HTML panel in the form
  • Fixed an issue where a change made to the task settings for one participant affected another participant as well.
  • Fixed an issue where it wasn’t possible to manually create a sub folder in a tasks content folder.
  • Fixed an issue where an instance Reference Nr (ref. #) wasn’t included in the search results when using the Lists Search field even though there were Reference Nrs that matched the search criteria.
  • Fixed an issue where an empty value list drop down field would show variable text ($FormID.fieldName$) instead of staying empty.
  • Fixed an issue where the Performer window could sometimes open outside of the screen making it difficult to see.
  • Fixed an issue where the confirm button could not be clicked because it is pushed off the screen when there are very many participants to assign when completing a task.
  • Fixed an issue where a participant that has been given edit permissions or higher on an application could get an error message when clicking on Instance settings. Participants cannot edit participant settings.
  • Fixed an issue where the save button for editing value lists in Space settings disappeared off the screen in some screen resolutions.
  • Fixed an issue where Single Sign-on (SSO) did not work for certain URLs.