The 2013.1 release brings some great self-service features as well as brand new features for improved configuration of process applications. Also, we launch a Beta feature for better follow-up and audit of completed tasks and events for process applications called the Activity Log.

New features

1. Create and update metadata value lists

Forms created on Barium Live! can contain drop-down lists of metadata with information such as a Priority to categorize, Customers, Articles or any other value set of information that can be used as form data.

It is now possible for customers to create and update the content of these value sets in each Space. You can create and update lists manually or upload a text file containing hundreds of items with simple drag-and-drop.

All Value lists can be used and re-used in all process applications in your Space.

Read all about creating and updating Value Lists in Spaces and space settings.

2. Activity Log Beta

Activity Log is a brand new feature that shows an easy-to-understand audit trail of all actions, and events that have occurred in an instance or task to give a complete trace-ability which is activate-able per participant allowing control over who should see the Activity Log or not

Activity Log also brings the possibility to add comments to an instance or to forms in an instance allowing the participants to have discussions regarding the instance itself or particular forms and their content. All comments are easily shown in the Task Overview or on the forms that have been commented. Comments are also shown as events in the Activity Log if activated.

Why Beta? We have released the Activity Log features with the knowledge that it lacks a few features to make it complete as well as finer details to make it perfect. The Activity Log Beta is also available per request only. If you are interested in using the Activity Log features, contact our support team and provide them with the Space you wish to activate Activity Log for. We will send you all the information needed to start using it.

NOTE! Activity Log Beta has not been translated completely into German.

Read all about the Activity Log features in Configure task view.

3. Recurring reminders on Tasks

All Tasks can be configured to automatically send a custom e-mail message informing users that there is a new task to perform on Barium Live! We now introduce the possibility to add configurable reminders as well. You can configure a reminder to be sent out once a day, month, year or to be sent out one day before the tasks deadline as an example.

Read all about notifications and reminders in Notification messages & reminders.

4. Weekdays in deadlines

It's possible to add deadlines to tasks which show when the task is due. We have added the configuration capabilities of setting a deadline by adding Weekdays as a configurable setting.

For example, you can set the deadline for a task to be 5 days after the task was created by writing $task.createddate$+5d. This will give the task a deadline which is 5 days from when it starts. It will count all days including Saturday and Sunday.

With Weekdays you can now configure the deadline to only count weekdays when setting the deadline. Adding a double-u like this: $task.createddate$+5wd will set the deadline to 5 weekdays from now, not counting Saturday or Sunday

Read all about deadlines in Task deadlines.

5. "More actions" in Tasks

It is possible to add add "more actions" buttons to the Task view where users can start related processes or tasks from the task itself. An example is an action to report a non-conformance issue that is related to the task being performed. By modeling an action into the process, users can quickly access other events to trigger without having to leave the task itself.

Read more about using actions in tasks in Work with tasks (new Task View).

Read more about how to model forms as more actions in Forms (object templates & data objects) and associations.

6. Disable the "Share" button for tasks

Image Inviting others to view, comment, edit or performing tasks can now be deactivated per participant for those tasks that users are not supposed to invite others to or for those participants that you want to deactivate as many buttons as possible for. In the Participant Configuration view, you can now deactivate the share button completely.

Read more about setting up the Task view in Configure task view.



  • We have increased the number of items that can be exported from a list into Excel to 10.000 items.
  • We have improved the language in e-mails sent out for invites to tasks, it said "follow this link to see the instance", now it says Task instead.
  • We have improved the Participant Configuration view so that the Upgrade button is visible always.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an issue with list columns containing form data not being sorted or filtered correctly.
  • Fixed an issue where a some users unique ID (32 characters long) was shown in the list of participants to assign when assigning performer.
  • Fixed an issue where participant configuration was not correctly saved if two participants shared the same Global ID.
  • Fixed an issue where Repository items did not show up in the Resources list in tasks where they are associated to.
  • Fixed an issue where values that were removed from a multi-select box still showed up when generating a PDF.
  • Fixed an issue in the Business Component Auto-generated Microsoft Word report that sometimes should Windings characters for Checkbox values.
  • Fixed an issue where Instance.number did not show in PDF.
  • Fixed an issue where Instance.number did not show in lists with the column Ref # added to it.
  • Fixed an issue for IE8 where process permissions did not save properly if the cursor was still in the field when clicking "save".
  • Fixed an issue where completing a task which has 3 gateways following it did not return the user to Lists.
  • Fixed an issue where the text in an attachment field in a form looked blurry when uploading a file.