Barium Live! has been updated with to version 2012.2 which contains a number of stability improvements, bug fixes and general improvements. The update is a minor update that does not have any major impact on the use of the service.

New features

1. See who can perform tasks

Image There is a new list column available; Performer shows which account(s) has access to an active task. This allows you to see who has been assigned to perform a specific task.

Click on the name of the performer to see a list of the accounts that have been assigned, you even see their profile picture. We have added it as a standard kolumn in the standard list "My Tasks" and you can add it as a column to and task list that you create yourself.

2. Monitor all tasks for applications

Image There is a new task list setting called Tasks. Choose between "All tasks" or My tasks to create a list of all tasks in one or more apps or a personal list containing tasks specifically assigned to you. Creating a list with "All tasks" lets you monitor all active or completed tasks (depending on the list settings) for process apps.

Users must have View rights to the process app(s) configured to be presented in the list in order to see tasks not specifically assigned to him or herself. If not, the list will default back to onlu showing tasks assigned to the person viewing the list.

For example: Create a list showing all active tasks grouped by instance to see all ongoing work for all instances in

a process application.

3. Print forms as a PDF

Image Forms can now be converted to a PDF form the task view. This allows those with access to the forms to be able to open a PDF file version of the form which can be used to print or to send to external persons. The button must be activated per process app in the application control settings.

Note! The converted PDF may not look exactly like the online form. It's important that you create forms that are adapted for printing as PDFs in A4 size for best results.

4. Deactivate list creation for space members

Image As a space owner or space administrator it is now possible to deactivate the ability for space members to be allowed to create their own lists in My activity lists.

Perfect if you don't want your space members to be worry about creating their own list or if you want more control over which lists your space members see and use. Space administrators and the space owner will still be allowed to created and share lists.

5. Hide standard lists in Space

Image The standard lists My tasks, All instances and My started instances can now be toggled to be shown or hidden in a space. All lists that have been created and/or shared in a space will continue to be shown.

Perfect if you want users in your space to use one or more custom lists that suit better than the three standard lists.

6. Customize Intermediate timer events

Image The intermediate event with a timer trigger has been improved to allow you to configure and customize the when it should be triggered in a process app. It now has support for the following configuration:

  • Trigger the timer based on a date in a form field.
  • Trigger the timer based on a date in a form field +/- X seconds/hours/days/months/years.

These features open up for a lot more flexible configuration of apps that are controlled by time.

Read more about configuring intermediage timer events Configurate timer events.

7. Download all data for a process app

Image There is a new button in the Process Application Configuration page that allows you to download all data for a process app to a comma seperated file. Usefull if you want to download everything for backups or for additional data mining.

Changes from previous version

1. New and improved Space start page

Image The space start page showing the Barium Live! Model, Build, Run guide has been redesigned to contain more information.

  • Start new instance shows a list of the latest start events that you as a user has started.
  • Work items shows a list of the latest work items that have been assigned to you.
  • Processes shows a list of the latest process models that you have looked at.

The purpose is to give users quicker access to the most recently started, received, and viewed items on Barium Live!

2. Choose process model to show on Space start page

Image The Model, Build, Run start guide can be replaced with a process model to present instead. You can create a top level process that is shown to all members of your space.

3. New design for space administration

Image The space administration page has been revamped and redesigned to be easier to use and have a more modern look.

4. Send reminder to invited space members

Image You can now send a reminder to users that you have invited to your space that have not yet responded.

5. Improved navigation menu

Image The drop down navigation menu has been improved with icons and quick access to the space settings if you are a space owner or space administrator.

6. Return to My activity lists after starting new instance

After starting a new instance of a process a user is now automatically redirected back to the lists view instead of being redirected to the instance view of the instance that was just created.

7. A Space is automatically created for new users on Barium Live!

New users that register on Barium Live! now automatically get a Space created for them with the same name as the registered user. Users who create a new account due to an invite to an already existing space do not automatically get a Space created for them.

8. Improved view and information when loading modeler

Image The process modeler needs to be configured correctly and may take a little time to load, especially if you have a slow internet connection. For this reason we have improved the loading view to show more helpful information on what is required for modeling processes and direct access to more information on how to get help.

9. Improved copy paste functionality in modeler

Image Copying and pasting objects in the process model is now working better. If you copy and paste a pool the pasted copy will place itself in a free space underneath. If you copy and paste task, events, gateways or artifacts the pasted copy now places itself slightly to the bottom right of its original copy.

Don't forget that you can use the Ctrl+c and Ctrl+v keyboard shortcuts for quick copying and pasting.

Fixed issues

Attaching opened documents to a process model

In some cases Internet Explorer could stop working when attaching a document that is already open on the computer. Now a message shows prompting the modeler to close the document first.

Text alignment for container labels

Textlabels for the container artefact that are configured to be presented RightJustifyBOTTOM, CenterTOP or with any other value is now properly saved and shown in the configured way outside of the modeling tool.

Modeler subscription accounts can access Repositories

Users with Modeler Subscription accounts now see the Repositories tab in the modeling tool and can access repository items to add to process models.

Locked external web link for processes

An external web link for a process model that has a password activated for it can no longer get locked if someone fills in the wrong password too many times.

License key for offline modeling

The license key for modeling processes online is now automatically generated again for all users that register themselves on Barium Live!

Save list as new list

Saving a list as a new list didn't copy some of the list settings to the new list. This has now been fixed.

Lists sort order

In some cases a list wouldn't show items in a in the order for a column even though it had been configured to do so. Now it does.