Barium Live! has been updated with a patch to version 2011.1.13 which contains a number of stability improvements, bug fixes and general improvements. The update is a minor update that does not have any major impact on the use of the service.

Changes from previous versions

1. Moved and changed the Barium Live! logotype on External Web Links for process models and External Start Links for forms.

2. Reduces missunderstanding for end users regarding which company the process model or external form is from.

3. Improved the time it takes to loading of list content, specifically if users have many lists with a lot of tasks and instances in them.

4. The total count of each list is now loaded when you click on each specific task.

5. Clicking on "Save" in the form designer no longer redirects users from the form designer, it saves the form and stays in the form designer. To leave the form designer you now need to click "Cancel".

6. Small improvements to support those who still use Internet Explorer 7.

7. We strongly recommend everyone still using IE 7 to upgrade to Internet Explorer 8 or 9.

Read more about which web browsers we support or not in the Technical requirements for Barium Live!

Fixed issues

  • Embedded sub processes can now be expanded and collapsed when viewing them in the External Web Link.
  • Embedded sub processes that are being viewed in the External Web Link and that are zoomed out no longer loose their clickable area.
  • Other stability improvements and general fixes.