Barium Live! 2014.1 brings some brand new features regarding the possibility to discuss and comment on information in ongoing process instances. We also present a brand new support and knowledgebase portal.

We have also been working hard on improving the stability and scalability of many features in order to enhance the user experience when using Barium Live!

New Features

1. Instance comments is a brand new feature that can be activated for participants in a process application and allows them to have a discussion about the instance and information in it.

A comment can be posted to the instance, on a specific form or even on a file in the content folder. Other participants can read and reply to the comment and start a discussion. If the comment is directed towards a specific person it is possible to tag the person using the @-sign and writing the persons name in the comment text.


That a task or instance has comments is indicated in Lists with the new column Unread Comments and its icon that can be clicked on to see the latest comments. The icon will also show the number of unread comments if any exist.

Participants are also informed about new comments via email notifications, a setting that can be toggled on or off.

Read all about how to configure and use instance comments.

2. A new and improved support and knowledge base portal, the Barium Live! Help Center replaces the old wiki.

The new Barium Live! Help Center replaces the current Ask and expert support ticketing process. Only Space Administrators and Contract Owners are able to create support tickets.

Read all about the new Barium Live! Help Center.


1. Localized time has finally come to all processes showing the time in the user interface for users local time instead of always showing CET.

This also brings some changes regarding time using the Barium Live! API and Excel reports in Lists which are important to know about

  • The API will continue to present time in UTC.
  • Time presented i Excel Reports are now shown in UTC instead of CET.
  • Time presented in Data Lists are now shown in UTC instead of CET.
  • When using variables to set time in forms it will always be the process applications time that is used.

2. In the process application overview it is now possible to select multiple instances and delete them so that an administrator no longer needs to click on delete for every single instance he or she wishes to delete.


3. A new configuration setting in the Business Component Send Email allows you to send an email message to All Previous Performers for the instance.

Read more about the Business Component Send Email.

4. A Process Apps that is configured to send email messages using the Send Email Business Component and that is configured to send an email to an email address that is fetched from a text field in a form can now handle multiple, semi-colon separated email addresses in that text field. The Business Component will send the same email message to each email address found in the configured text field.

Read more about the Business Component Send Email.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed an encoding issue in the Instance Description list column
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes didn’t work to drill down into sub-processes
  • Fixed an issue where it sometimes didn’t work to rename a group