Getting started/the Basics

Q: How do I get an account?

A: Request a demo from us and receive a free trial here. If you are satisfied with the product you may at any time start a subscription.

Q: I can't remember my password...

A: You can reset your password by visiting the Barium Live login page and clicking on the link Forgot your password? Fill out the e-mail address associated to your account, and you will recieve an e-mail with further instructions. If you cannot remember the correct e-mail address, please contact Barium Live Support.

Q: I’ve used the Forgot your password? link but I haven’t received an e-mail...

A: It can take a few minutes for the e-mail to arrive. If you still don't get a message, please contact Barium Live Support.

Q: I can’t log in to Barium Live...

A: Your account may be disabled. This happens after four failed login attempts. Please contact Barium Live Support to have your account re-enabled.

Q: How can I change my home page?

A: Please see our article My Default Space in the Start page article.

Q: How does administration of spaces, users and groups work?

A: Please see our articles Spaces and My account.

Q: Does Barium Live support different languages?

A: Currently Barium Live supports Swedish and English. We hope to add support for other languages in the near future.

Q: Is Barium Live available on Mac or on browsers other than Internet Explorer?

A: To model processes you need to use Internet Explorer. With other browsers, as well as on a Mac, you can use all features of Barium Live except for the modeling tool. To model processes you would need to use Barium BPMN Modeler, and then upload the processes to Barium Live.

Model processes

Q: Can I model offline?

A: Yes you can, using the Barium BPMN Desktop Modeler!

Q: I can't model processes – the button from which the modeling tool is reached is missing...

A: The modeling tool can only be run on a Windows machine in Internet Explorer 8 or later. Users who view process models and run process applications and don't have to use the modeling tool can use any modern web browser for Barium Live. For more information about the system requirements, read our article about the technical requirements when using Barium Live.

Q: I can’t model processes – when I click on Create new process the "start wheel" times out...

A: Before modeling you need to set up the modeling tool  The procedure gives you access to the Barium BPMN Desktop Modeler, but it also prepares Internet Explorer for modeling within the browser.


Q: I still can´t model processes, what am i doing wrong?

A: If you run Internet Explorer 9, make sure you run it in 32-bit mode. To run IE9 in 32-bit mode, go to the Start menu and look for Internet Explorer that don't have (64-bit) after its name.

Q: I don’t have a licence key for the modeling tool...

A: You don’t need a licence key to use Barium Live. It is only required for the Barium BPMN Desktop Modeler, which you can use offline. To access the licence key, follow the first step in the article Setting up the modeling tool and click on Get your license key in step two. If no licence key is displayed please contact Barium Live Support for further help.

Q: How can I share my process with other users?

A: There are at least three ways in which you can share your process models with others and collaborate around your processes. Please see the article Process sharing for more information.

Q: How should I use the different types of tasks?

A: Please see the section Activities in the article Common BPMN symbols.

Q: How do the various arrows affect the editability and visibility of forms?

A: Please see the section Associations in the article Common BPMN symbols.

Q: Can I configure my process to send email messages automatically from the application?

A: Yes, there are two types of emails that can be sent:

1. Notification messages inform users they have a task to perform.

2. The Send e-mail Business Component can be used to send an automatic response via e-mail that your process has progressed to a certain phase or that a registered case has been received, to inform an interested party that the process has passed a milestone or to inform one or more interested parties that the process has ended. The Send e-mail Business Component has the capability of sending e-mails to a specified e-mail address or to an e-mail address that has been filled out in an e-form field, by the person who registered the case in the first place.

Q: My process doesn’t use the latest version of the subprocesses it links to...

A: In your process model, right-click on the subprocess and select Sub-process and Set process reference. In the window that opens check the Auto upgrade to latest version box. Read more in the Subprocesses article.

Q: How do I configure a gateway?

A: Please see our article Business Component: Expressions on gateways  or see different types of gateways in the gateway section of the article Common BPMN symbols.

Q: Is BPMN 2.0 supported?

A: We support both BPMN 1.1 and BPMN 2.0. Our goal is to always support the BPMN standard.

Build process apps

Q: How do I share my application with other users?

A: Please see the article Application permissions.

Q: How can I create drop-down lists in my forms?

A: We are working on providing this as a self-service feature. In the meantime please contact Barium Live Support.

Run processes

Q: I don’t receive e-mail notifications...

A: Please check your e-mail spam filter. All e-mail are sent from You might need to add it to your list of secure addresses.

Q: Can Barium Live be integrated with our legacy systems?

A: Yes, using the Barium Live REST API it’s possible to send information in both directions between Barium Live and an existing system.

Monitor performance

Q: How can I monitor process performance?

A: There is a Process Performance Dashboard, and the lists are of very good help – especially the custom made ones. Read more here.