Barium Live! version 2012.3.1 is a service pack containing stability improvements, bug fixes and general improvements. It is a minor update with no major impact on the use of the service.

Fixed issues

  • Fixed a problem where list columns containing types showed the key value of the type instead of the text value.
  • Fixed a problem where some document types that were uploaded to the task content folder and contained non-alpha numeric characters could not be opened or downloaded.
  • Fixed a problem where some documents that were opened from the task content folder would show a windows security alert window.
  • Fixed a problem where changing the name of a group sometimes could result in the group being moved to another group.
  • Fixed mandatory field validation for form templates that are modeled as outputs of a task which is configured to show the task overview so that users are informed to fill in fields in the form.
  • Fixed a problem with line breaks and form field variables not being shown properly in e-mails that use the Send E-mail and that has the "E-mail participants" checkbox checked.
  • Fixed a problem with the Space Administration Groups and Users page not loading properly for spaces that contain many groups and sub groups.
  • Fixed a problem with lists sometimes not showing the correct date.
  • Fixed a link in the task overview that pointed to the incorrect process instance when triggering a new instance via a Named Message from an existing instance.
  • Fixed a problem where the sort order for lists was sorted incorrectly when sorting on status.
  • Links in the task overview and embedded in forms now look the same to make them easier to find.
  • Fixed an issue where the Process Performance Dashboard sometimes didn't show all the participants that had performed a task in an application.