Version 2012.1.5 is a service pack containing stability improvements, bug fixes and general improvements. It's a minor update with no major impact on the use of the service.

Changes from previous version

Contact Barium Live! experts and get support. We've improved the contact form to make it easier for you to request help from the Barium Live! team.

We have maximized the modeling view for a better modeling experience. The BPMN modeling tool now uses more screen space when modeling processes in your browser.

We have improved the external start view and made it more compact to give forms more space and design features less. This makes it easier for people with smaller screens to see and fill out forms for external starts.

The Barium Live! redesign continues, and we have updated the profile administration views so that it now matches the rest of the Barium Live! design much better.

Fixed issues

  • When changing the name of a space, the new name is now updated in the drop-down menu.
  • We have updated correct english translations in the e-mail sent out when requesting a password reset.
  • The form field Instance Priority now shows the priority chosen for the instance instead of being blank.
  • Madatory attachment form fields now indicate that they are mandatory if left empty.
  • Improved the lists view to load list items a little faster than before.
  • Stability improvements to the process modeler have been implemented.