How to create Value lists

1. Value lists are created and edited under Space setting. Navigate to the Space setting page and click Value lists in the left panel menu.

2. To create a value list, click on Create value list.

3. If you want to you can enter values manually or paste them from Excel for example.

TIP: If you want key values to every value in your list, you can add it after each value separated by a semi colon like in the example below. Key values are used for example when configuring automatic gateways.




4. Value lists are exclusive to one space only. When you have one or more value lists in a space they will be presented like in the picture below. You are free to edit or remove lists using the buttons to the right. If the list is used however, a warning message will be issued you will not be able to delete the value list unless you've freed up its connections.

When to use Value lists

Value lists are mainly used in forms, where they show up as a searchable single select drop-down lists or a multi select boxes. Value lists helps you steer what data input end users can submit and can be used for instance to steer gateways in your processes. Value lists are also a key component when creating role-mappers which allows you to steer what user(s) or group(s) of users that should be able to perform different tasks in a process application based on data in the Instance,