Not all the configuration features that exist in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 1.0 are implemented in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 yet, but we are working hard on implementing them. 

Below is a list that we keep up to date and that shows functionality that exists in Barium Live BPMN Modeler 1.0 that have yet to be implemented in the Barium Live BPMN Modeler 2.0 tool.

This list was last updated 2016-06-29.

Function BPMN 1.0 BPMN 2.0
Print Process Yes Yes

Assign Performer

Yes Yes
Set Deadline on Task Yes Yes
Configure Performer Filters Yes Yes
Set Deadline Reminder on Task Yes Yes
Set Viewmode on DataObjects Yes Yes
Set State on DataObjects Yes Yes
Add document to process Yes Yes
Share Process Model with External Web Link Yes Yes
Configure Timer Events Yes Yes
Make a copy of a process in a space Yes Yes
Configure Automatic Redirect Yes Yes
Configure action comments Yes Yes
Download and upload a process model Yes Yes
Send Message from Application to Application via Message Flow with Data Yes Yes
Use Call Activity in process application Yes Yes
Business Components Yes In progress
Select End State in sub process to choose path in gateway Yes
Select Start Event to trigger in sub process Yes In progress
Set Auto Upgrade on sub processes Yes Planned
Set Reference ID on all flow objects and symbols Yes Waiting
Set Participants on Start Events Yes Waiting
Nested Lanes Yes Deferred