MultiInstance is a Loop configuration that can be set on a Task in a process model and that indicates that the specific Task needs to be performed more than once before the Task is deemed as being completed and the instance will move on in the process.

On Barium Live you can use the MultiInstance Task to give every person that is configured as a Participant the same Task to perform. Each person will see the task in their List and will need to complete it. When all users have completed their tasks the entire task will be deemed as complete and the process will continue.

NOTE: You must follow a strict modeling pattern for a MultiInstance Task to work properly.

Ground rules are:

  • 1 sequence flow into the task, 1 sequence flow out of the task
  • Users can read a form or users can create a new form

When is this useful?

If you have a process in which you want people read or review something you can create a MultiInstance Task and call it Review Information. Create a group called Reviewers and add the group as the participant. All users that are members of the group will receive the task Review Information in their list and must complete the task. As a process owner you can see which people have completed the task and in effect read the information. Reviewers are given support in what needs to be done and in combination with a task deadline, when they are expected to have reviewed the the information.