The current version available is Barium Business Navigator version 1.1. Please make sure that you always update to the latest version.

Barium Business Navigator 1.10

Loads of new features and functions primarily focused on improving the experience when working in process applications. Changes have been made to the interface to make it more intuitive and understandable. Fixes have been applied to almost all areas for a better user experience. See the entire list below.

New features

  • NEW tab - A new tab that makes it possible for users to start processes directly from the Iphone. No need to use a computer to report something.
  • Ability to attach photos from the Iphone camera when starting processes.
  • Ability to assign performers for the upcoming tasks in the process.
  • Form fields are presented in the correct native Iphone control (date, time, list and more).
  • Support for single select and multi-select metadata lists in forms.
  • Added file type icons when presenting files in a task folder that now includes standard MS Office file types as well as PDF, TXT, JPG and more.
  • Full support for locked and hidden fields viewmodes.
  • New welcome screen.
  • Added ability to sort form fields as configuration in the form.

Changes from previous version

  • The comments field now only shows up if the process has been configured to show it.
  • Comments can be configured to be mandatory or optional.
  • Adjusted the spacing in the overall app to make it tighter and cleaner.
  • Removed the unnecessary checked icon in front of process models in the tab Processes.
  • Improved layout in the Task view.

Rearranged to show important information in the view and less important information under show details.

Process models are now opened by tapping the process model thumbnail instead of pressing the button view process model.

Process model details can be accessed directly from the Task view.

Perform actions opens the available actions in the Task view immediately.

Fixed issues

  • Scrolling and zooming in process models is a lot smoother.
  • An instance now shows completed tasks as well as ongoing tasks.
  • Searching in all list views has been improved.
  • Improved visualization of the app loading data.
  • Keyboard can be closed when typing in text areas by pressing Done.