The New tab shows a list of all startevents for process applications that you are allowed to trigger.

In English, that means that this is where you start new processes. Depending on your account settings you may see more or less items in the list.

Each item shows a thumbnail of the process that you will start and the name of the startevent. Below the name is the name of the process application. Creating new process applications with startevents will generate additional items in the list of starevents that can be triggered.

To start a new process simply press the startevent you wish to start, a form will show up that needs to be filled out before you can submit.


Each start event must have a form template associated with it to be able to be started.

Creating forms is done in the form editor on Barium Live. There are specific requirements that you need to take into account when creating forms that are to be presented in the app.

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