My tasks contains all the tasks in a process that you as the logged on user can perform. This is the same list that is shown as My activity lists in the web interface.

You can filter your inbox using the search field or the sort field.

Each task that you haven't opened in the app has an orange icon to the left of it marking it as unread. NOTE! it will be marked as unread even if you have opened it in the web interface. The unread feature only looks at what has been read or not in the Iphone app.

View Task

Press a task in the list to open it to view and to work with in the Task view. Here you can see information about a specific task. What to do, form information, process model showing you where in the process the current task is, instructional documentation who performed the previous task if there was one and more.

Perform work in the task

You can edit information in the form (if the process is configured to allow you to do that) and you can perform actions to let the process continue to the next task to be performed.

Assign performers and comment tasks

If the process is configured to assign performers when performing an action this will show up in the interface. You can also allow comments to be written to the following performers.