Instances shows all the processes that are being completed or that have been completed. This is where you have an overview of all the work that is being performed or that has been performed. You can see who started the process, who completed each task, the information that was registered when the process started and what has been documented during the process life cycle.

All instances are shown grouped per process application, which is what you see in the instances tab. Press the process application you want to see all instances for and it will open to list all active instances.

Press the button Active to toggle the list to show all completed instances instead.

Press an instance to see an instance overview containing the tasks that have been completed and that are waiting to be completed, the form and its information, where in the process the instance is and who has performed completed tasks.

What is an instance?

An instance is one started process in your process application. It is sometimes called case, project or process trip.

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