If you want to learn more about creating process models and process applications, visit our Barium Live Help Center for all the information you need. These articles describe the details that are specific for the Iphone app and will assume that you know all about creating process models and process applications.

Creating process models

Creating process models is done using your web browser, you can't create or edit process models using your iPhone. All process models can be viewed though and there is nothing you have to do as a process modeler to enable that. If you as a process modeler want to ensure that people using an iPhone can view your processes you simply need to make sure that the process models have been shared with them (and that they have an iPhone).

Creating process applications

All process applications that are created can be started, completed and viewed in the app in the same way as you normally would do using a web browser. Features such as process aware forms, assigning performers, commenting and more are available when using the iPhone app.

Creating forms

Forms are presented differently in the iPhone compared to a web browser, therefore there are things that you need to know when creating forms that will be used in iPhones. Read all about iPhone specific form configuration in the article: Forms on the iPhone.