The process language BPMN enables you to create processes in an easy way, although its powerful enough to describe even the most demanding processes. In this section we continuously add descriptions and examples of basic functionality.

General modeling tips

  • If you accidentally navigate to another section of Barium Live you will be automatically reminded to save your process before you leave the modeling tool. But to be safe, make sure to save your process regularly during your work.
  • Many of the typical Windows commands work in Barium Live as well (such as Ctrl+C and Ctrl+V).
  • Press F11 to give yourself more workspace (hides the browser bar).
  • Right-clicking on any object gives you extra options. If you choose Properties even more advanced functions will appear.

Text break

If you want to have multiple text rows in text labels or annotations, use the command Ctrl+Enter to create a line break.

Rearrange lanes in a pool

If you want to move lanes up or down in a pool, simply right-click on the lane's label and choose Move up or Move down.

Alignment of symbols

Select desired symbols by clicking on them while pressing the Ctrl key. Thereafter right-click and choose Align to desired position as shown on the picture.

Move several symbols

Select desired symbols by clicking on them while pressing the Ctrl key. Thereafter you can move all the symbols the way you usually move one (press the left mouse button when hovering over one of the selected objects and then move all of them before you release the mouse button).


A process can be printed in different ways:

  • Choose Print (button #3 below) to print the process in full size.
  • Choose Print Setup (button #6 below) and Fit To Page to adjust the process to just one page. Thereafter choose Print (button #3 below). To adjust the page size choose Print Setup (button #6 below) and Page Setup

Save as image

A process can be saved in different image formats, such as the lossless bitmap format PNG. Just choose Save as image (button #4 above) and select file format. For PNG we use vector based graphics to keep up the image quality. More info: