By adding deadlines to tasks in the process model you can control the process flow even better. The deadline is always visible in tasks, and it can be added to customized lists using the Task deadline column. You can also use the deadline in notification messages and autogenerated emails.

Deadlines can be fixed times that have been set on a task in the process model, or it can be a relative time based on information found in a field in a form which might be different for every instance allowing for someone to decide the deadlines for the tasks of an instance when the process starts, for example.

Deadline in task view and task lists

Task view

The deadline set is always visible in the task view, and indicated with a color: green, yellow or red.

  • More than 24 hours left: green color and clock symbol.
  • Less than 24 hours left: yellow color and clock symbol.
  • Overdue: red color and clock symbol.

Task lists

Task deadlines can also be displayed in lists. To display deadlines in a list you must add the column Task deadline. To do so, follow the instructions in the Create your first list article. For active tasks only the yellow (Due Today) and red (Overdue) badges are displayed, in order to avoid messy task lists. For completed tasks the green badge (On-time) is displayed in order to facilitate process evaluation.

Set a deadline

1. To set a task deadline, right-click on the task and choose Properties.

2. In the panel, type the date or variable and suffix (see below) in the Deadline field under Planning.

To set a specific date, use the date format corresponding to the Barium Live language setting (see your task list for examples in your language). This is how you write 31 December 2012 (noon):

  • English (UK): 31/12/12 12:00
  • English (US): 12/31/12 12 PM
  • German: 31.12.2012 12:00
  • Swedish: 2012-12-31 12:00

To set a deadline relative to, for example, the starting time of a task or instance use the variables and suffixes below.

Available variables and suffixes

Deadlines can be based on variable information. The most common options are:

Deadline based on a date in a form field:


Learn more about DataIDs and FieldNames in the Picking up form data: DataID & FieldName article.

Deadline X seconds/hours/days/months/years after the instance or task was initiated/created/completed:   



Created results in a deadline exactly X units after the instance/task start. Createddate ignores the time, and starts calculating from midnight the day of the instance/task start.

NOTE: To use the starting time of the current task, it is enough to use the task.created variable. To use the creation or completion time of another task, that task's ReferenceID must be used (see above). A task's ReferenceID is not set by deault. To set it, open the task's Properties panel and set it in the ReferenceID field under GraphicalElement. The ID can be anything of your choice, for example the name of the task or simply Task1. Then use the ID in the deadline variable.


To set the deadline to "X time" after or before a date found in a variable you add a suffix with the following format:

+ or - after the variable followed by a number and one of these units:

  • s (seconds)
  • h (hours)
  • d (days)
  • wd (weekdays/Mondays-Fridays only)
  • m (months)
  • y (years)

This indicates the factor which you want the date to be offset with, for example:

  • +30d = 30 days after the specified date
  • -20h = 20 hours before the specified date

Some examples

2 months before a date that has been picked in the field Date1 in the form Form1:


Learn more about DataIDs and FieldNames in the Picking up form data: DataID & FieldName article.

30 days (on the second) after the instance is initiated:


1 year (on the day, at midnight) after the task with the Reference Id Task1 is created:


Change a deadline

A deadline is set to the task once the task is created based on the information set in the process model. The task deadline is set each time the task is created. It is possible to change the deadline for a task if a user who has Full Control (i.e. Application Adminstrator) to the application opens the task in Barium Live. On the Task Overview the task deadline is shown and a small cog wheel that allows the Application Administrator to set any date and time as the task deadline.

1. Click on the cog wheel beside the deadline date to edit the deadline

2. Choose a date to set as the task deadline.

3. Add an optional time to set the exact date and time if you like.

4. Click on the tick-icon to save the new deadline.

The new deadline will be saved to the task and shown to all the people performing the task and in the lists presenting the task and its deadline.