The role mapper is a feature on Barium Live designed to use form data to assign task permissions to a specific user. By using a Value list you can assign which value shall correspond with which user/group.

For example, you have a process that looks like this:

In the step called Review request the performer can choose to send the request to a specific department. Instead of using Assign performer, you can choose from a drop down list which department shall receive the next task, and with this a specific group or user.

To set up your Role mapper you first need to create a Value list. This list contains the values of the dropdown list to which you will map users and groups.

1. Go to Space administration and select Role mapper in the left hand menu.


2. Click Add new.


3. Fill in the name and description of the list. This is to easily find it in the form editor later on. In the field Value list you choose which of your lists you want to use to map users and groups to its values. The last field is called Default account and is used in case the role mapper cannot find a user mapped to a value. If this is the case, the default account will receive the task.


4. In the next step you select which value shall correspond to what group or user. Click the empty field to the right of the value. Start typing the name of the user or group to add it to the role mapper. In the picture below, three groups of users have been mapped to three different values. The fourth value is mapped to a user.


5. Now you need to add the drop down to a form connected to the application. Drag and drop the field from the folder called Metadata Fields to your right.

6. The next step is to configure the participants for the lanes in your application. Go to Application configuration and click participant configuration.

7. Click the Advanced button. In the field called Roles you select the role mapper previously created. NOTE: Make sure you remove any accounts in the Accounts field as this might clash with the role mapper

8. In the form editor you now have the option to drag in your list of service providers. Depending on what is chosen here, the corresponding users and groups will be able to perform the task.