Picking up form data

In many situations it is useful to pick up information from forms and form fields. Some situations are mentioned below. To do this you need two variables – DataID and FieldName – and in this article we show you how to use them.

Example areas of use

  • Copy data from one field to another field
  • Add form data to notification messages.
  • Send e-mails to addresses picked up from form fields.
  • Use a date from a form field to set a task deadline.
  • Use form field content in text annotations.
  • Add tables containing form data to a Task overview.


The ID of a form is set in the modeling tool. When you add a form template to a process model it is automatically given an ID, but you are allowed to change it to an ID of your choice. The first form added to a process model is always given the ID DataObject1, the second is DataObject2 and so on.

Find/change a form ID (DataID)

1. Open the process in the modeling tool.

2. Right-click on the form template in the process model and click Properties.

3. The form ID is displayed in the top right corner of the panel, as shown in the picture. Copy the ID for use somewhere else, or change it to something more logical (such as purchaseForm or reclamation). 

NOTE: Features using the DataID are case sensitive!

4. If you change the DataID of the form template and there are more data objects created from the template already, you must change the ID of the data objects as well. You do that by following step 1-3 above, but click on each data object instead of the form template.


The name of the field is set in the form editor. When you add a field to a form it is automatically given a name, but you are allowed to change it to a name more easy to remember (such as phoneNumber, department or deadline).

NOTE: Regular fields are named Field1, Field2 and so on, and them you can rename anyway you want to. Object fields (see image below) has dedicated names giving them special properties – such as instance.name, which contain the name of the instance displayed in list, task views and notifications messages. You can NOT change these names if you want to keep their properties.

Find/change a field name (Name)

1. Open a form or an empty form editor like described in Create your first e-form.

2. Select the field you wish to know the name of (add it first, if you need to) by clicking on it.

3. In the panel in the lower right-hand corner the field properties are now displayed. In the Name column there is a property called Name. The name is displayed on the same row, but in the Value column. Change the name if you like (see restrictions above) and copy it for use elsewhere. 

NOTE: Features using the field Name are case sensitive!

Example variable

The variable to use when picking up form field data is shown below.


To use the content from the field email in the form purchaseForm, edit the variable like below.


Copy data from one field to another

If you want to copy data from one field to another field in the same form, or another form within an Instance, that possible by using variables.

1. Open the form containing the field that should receive the data

2. Delete the Name porperty from the field that should receive the data

3. Add the Default Value property to the field and write the variable for the field that you want to pick data from